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Writing Essay Is an Essential Skill to Aid the Academic Progress

Essay can be fundamentally described as a short piece of writing. A person would write an essay for three purposes. He /she can write essaysfor pleasure, some will write for profits and students would write if they are requested by the lecturers.The prominent objective of essay writing is to put into words the message, on a particular area. Initially writer should be skilled in manipulating the language, equipped with a good command in the language, be able to express successfully, read quickly, with a sound vocabulary and finally be with proper grammatical knowledge. Writing essaywould be a personal challenge for many. However if the student has a good background knowledge in the subject and combine this with effective writing skills, turning out a quality essay will not be much of an issue.

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Essay writing would be a time consuming task. Pre planning is vital. Having a comprehensible structure would be crucial for achieving coherent and cogent writing. Students should invest time on research, give consideration to the ideas and use an outline to organize the ideas and the general flow of the essay. Researching through various sources such as books, periodicals, magazines, and other sources like internet for academic journals will add value to the essay in terms of outstanding content and supporting evidence. Making sure to utilize easy to read essay layouts and presentations of facts is important for essays such as research and thesis essays which presents a high volume of research material.

The essay should start with a thesis statement and words such as “providing tips”, “giving an overview”, “outlining guidelines”, “analysing” should be used as cues to direct the reader on what the rest of the essay is all about. The introductory paragraph should be written to grasp the reader’s excellent impression. The content should be planned well to avoid being too short or too long. When writing essay, student’s language passion and zest for writing should be demonstrated through the essay. Personalized writing styles will definitely catch the attention of the reader and each essay type should be treated with different approach of writing. For instance,when writing a persuasive essay the students should use different strategies to boost up the persuasive power of the essay and while writing 6+ vividness of detailsshould be integrated. Clichés and slang words are not to be used in academic essay writing and will be seriously frowned upon by tutors. Hasty and abrupt endings to discussions does not lend to the eloquence of the essay. Therefore, attempt to include transition lines leading the reader from one section to the next. Finally a comprehensive conclusion should be used in finishing off the essay.

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