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To write essays, it requires time and effort as well as a good knowledge of the subject. In order to write a good essay it is important to know what an essay is. Most students when asked to write an essay do not know exactly what an essay is. An essay is a short piece of writing usually written with the author's point of view. There are many different types of essays, critical analysis essays, descriptive essays; narrative essays, comparison essays or process essays are just a few. Any type of essay selected, will have to be written in a manner which explains the subject clearly, and the style of writing should suit the audience. If the writing style does not consider the audience the appeal of the essay to the reader will be less which makes it a poor composition. It should also be formatted using the proper formats which is utilized according to the specifications provided and structured correctly.

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In order to succeed academically students are assigned with essay writing as part of their class curriculum. Writing essays will increase the student's knowledge of the subject, his writing skills and researching skills. To get a high grade in school he will have to learn to write an essay which is interesting, eloquent and captivating. However, it is a challenging task for the student to do this if he or she lacks knowledge of how to proceed with it.

Writing Essays requires adhering to a proper methodology or writing process for it to be a successful essay. Below are three stages to adhere to in order to submit a successful essay which will be pleasant and interesting to read and will also get a good grading.

Pre Writing Stage

For an essay to be a good one, the student will have to brainstorm and plan out the essay. Following are the key points to consider in this planning stage:

  1. Type of Essay - The first step in writing an effective essay is to find out which type of essay is the appropriate one based on the topic assigned. The reason being, that every essay is different from the other, therefore, the content and the amount of examples and evidence required will also vary. The contents which will be in a comparison essay will not be the same as a marketing essay and the examples used for a descriptive essay will be very different from an ethics essay.
  2. A suitable essay topic - It may be already provided but otherwise think of few options and select the most interesting and appropriate. It should also be relevant and informative to the audience. When deciding on the topic to write essays on, it should also be kept in mind that there has to be ample information and valid resources available to draw reference material from.
  3. Essay outline - this step helps the essay writer to organize the essay and structure it properly. Using an outline can help students a lot in writing a cohesive essay that has a logical flow.

Writing Stage

Only when all information is gathered and an outline drawn up should the actual writing process begin. The essay should have a proper structure with an introduction, body and conclusion. Following are the steps in the writing stage:

  1. The introduction - this will introduce the topic, and the main argument to the reader. The thesis statement will inform the reader what the essay is about and how the student will develop the argument. You may open the introduction with a witty comment, a startling fact or a memorable quote. The introduction forms the first impression in the mind of the reader. Therefore, it is important to write it in a manner which will get his attention and keep it, in order to continue reading the rest.
  2. The Body - This is the main section when it comes to write essays. It is within the body that the central point is explained, established, argued, analysed, illustrated or described. Any one or more of these can be applied in to writing the body depending on the essay type. Evidence in the form of data, facts, figures, examples, quotes etc. must be cited within the body to support the writer's own statements.
  3. The conclusion - this is the last part of the essay in which a summation of points discussed will be stated along with key points of conclusion. Writer's point of view can be reiterated in the conclusion.

Post Writing Stage

Post writing stage is imperative for a good quality essay. Some students make the mistake of skipping this stage and pay a high price in the form of reduced marks. Key steps in this last stage of writing includes:

  1. Editing the essay by smoothening out the sentences, taking out some of the excess words and making your essay concise and crisp is the objective. Keep the word count in mind and make sure not to go beyond plus or minus 5% of states limit.
  2. Proofreading is essential. Check for grammar errors, incomplete sentences or spelling mistakes.
  3. Check all citations and the reference list. Make sure to format as per required standards and format style.

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