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Understanding the Difference of a University Essay

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Essay writing is a critical element in meeting the coursework requirements of almost all subject modules undertaken at University level. These university essays are stringent in its standards and requirements. From middle school, students are taught on how to write essays and once they reach high school their standard of writing would have improved. Once they move on to university the style of writing will be more mature and they are mainly expected to write complex essays such as argumentative essays, law essays, marketing essays, process analysis essays or ethics essays. The expected standard in terms of adherence to proper formats, structure and writing styles are very high and professional presentation is a prerequisite. It is important to gain a good knowledge of these requirements before hand in order to write a quality essay.

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Have Clarity of Purpose

The basic and most important point to keep in mind when writing is to make sure that a proper understanding is gained about the university essay which has been set forth. If there is any misunderstanding about the assignment it is vital that the student speak to the tutor. Most often students are hesitant to approach the tutor and this could result in the essay being written in the incorrect manner. Therefore, it is recommended that you approach your tutor with any queries you may have regarding your assignment before actually embarking on it. Get clarifications on the main task, and on any technical terms etc. This will clear the way for writing the assignment with confidence.

How different is it From High School Essay?

The University Essay is similar in their requirements to other essay types, but they will require a high level of research and proper planning. What most students fail to understand is that University Essay has much stricter requirements than the high school essays they have been writing! These essays are not only judged by the contents, but also judged by the format, structure, presentation and the central argument. Therefore, it is important to make a valid argument and support is with proper evidence. The essay will come with a style specification. It is important to follow this. At university level, you are expected to make in-text citations and reference lists strictly according to the prescribed style format. It can be MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard or Blue Book depending upon the field of study.

Length Issues

Most often a commonly asked question when given an essay of this type is how long should the essay be? The length of the essay is of no importance, as long as the argument is discussed and proven with facts and evidence. The essay can be five paragraphs short essay or a lengthy extended essay. However, it is most common for the tutor's to give a clear indication of the word requirement at this level of study. Usually a University Essay is approximately 2000 - 3000 words in length as they are meant to be a part of the coursework assessments.
However, the student will be supplied with information on how the paper is graded which might give him an indication as to the length he should adhere to.

Writing Process

Basic rules of writing can be applied for this essay as well. For instance, making use of an essay outline is one of the prerequisites of good writing. Outlining an essay of any kind will make it organized and makes the essay flow from one paragraph to the rest which will captivate the reader. All writers experienced or otherwise, should always use an outline. Once a proper draft is done the student can begin to put his ideas on paper in an orderly manner. In the case of University essay, all research material which is has been cited or quoted should be properly cited using the proper format. Note that the introduction and the conclusion are equally important, as the body of the essay as they create the first impression and the lasting impression.

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