A Student Essay

Writing a Student Essay that Is Effective

A Student Essay is not different from any other essay. It is an essay which is written by students as a part of their academic requirements. Being a student means having to complete many assignments and essay writing is among the most common of these. Therefore, they have to master the skills needed in writing a good essay in order to ensure high marks for their coursework.

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While a student essay is similar to any other type of essay, there are some differences. When writing an academic essay, students are expected to follow proper format, structure and apply correct writing styles. There is a need for citing from reliable and respected academic courses such as text books and academic and professional journals. Such cited information should also be referenced as per proper reference systems such as MLA, APA, Harvard or Chicago. If you are writing an essay for any other purpose than academic requirements, the writer may opt out of such referencing requirements. Therefore, the main difference of a student essay is that it is more formal in writing and formatting.

To improve the quality of the essay, it is advisable that the students follow certain steps and guidelines that can make the writing process more effective.

Following are few points to note.
  1. Topic Selection - Often the students are left to choose their own topic or select one from a list of options. Select carefully so that you choose the one which allows you to demonstrate your knowledge.
  2. Essay Plan - Planning the essay is very important and drawing up an essay outline along with a tentative working title are the main steps in this process. The student must also decide what approach he or she will take to the essay writing. Essays can be written in different forms. So, the student must decide at the planning stage whether it will be an argumentative essay, an informative essay or a persuasive essay for instance. Some times the essay requirements may state this but otherwise this decision has to be made at the very outset.
  3. Research - Student essays are rated mostly on its content and how well supported the thesis or the central argument is. Therefore, students must research properly and efficiently. An advantage most students have is that college or university students have access to most of the paid online academic article databases via logging on to their university library online. This makes it very convenient for them to reference with latest and most authentic and reliable source material.

Once the above key steps are covered students are set to write their essays effectively. By following these steps, it makes it so much easier to write the essay as all the information are in place and the outline is there to guide the student in writing in an organized and logical fashion.

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