Statistics Coursework

Statistic Coursework Needs a complete understanding of Statistical Techniques and Methods

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Statistics Coursework is one of the least favorites of coursework which most students would rather pass on in place of another elective subject. But, think twice before you do this. Statistics knowledge is critical for you in many areas of life. Even if you think you are not planning to become a statistician, following the statistical course module in high school or at college level will be a major advantage for you when you are to conduct research projects for your other coursework or to complete your dissertation for the Masters of PhD level studies. This is because the methodology of your dissertation or research study will depend upon statistical analysis techniques unless you are resorting to use qualitative research.

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Coursework for statistics accounts for approximately 30-40% of the final grade for the subject and hence, doing it accurately is important for the student. Statistic coursework can fall in to descriptive statistics, inferential statistics or mathematical statistics. Immaterial of the study area, the students are required to have a complete understanding of the statistical calculations, techniques and methods if they are to solve the statistical coursework problems correctly. Unless the student understands the topic area comprehensively they will not be able to solve the questions and arrive at the answers. There are some crucial topic areas covered under statistics subject which will form the basis of the coursework assignments.

Crucial Statistic Topics
  1. Probability theory - including probability, random variables, probability distribution, exponential family and Central limit theorem
  2. Descriptive statistics - used in describing data with averages, mean, median, mode, measures of scale, variance, standard deviation, median absolute deviation , correlation and statistical graphics such as histogram, frequency distribution, scatter plots etc.
  3. Sampling methods - used in statistical survey including sampling distribution, sampling strategies, types of sampling as stratified sampling and quota sampling
  4. Statistical Analysis - including hypothesis testing, correlation analysis, T-tests, ANOVA, reliability and validity tests etc.


Handling Statistics Coursework

Following are few guidelines to help students handle Statistics coursework effectively.

  1. Understand each section of the statistics curriculum well so that there are no ambiguities or gaps in knowledge. Any area which is not clear must be clarified promptly and resolved even with repeated attempts. Statistics is interrelated and gaps in knowledge in one area will affect your ability to understand another section of the subject module.
  2. Organise your class notes and handouts well for easy reference. Record all statistical equations and formulas in flash card format for easy reference and memorizing if needed.
  3. Be pro-active in learning statistical software such as Minitab or SPSS so that you will be able to complete coursework which involves software usage successfully.
  4. Be methodical and pay attention to small details in handling coursework for statistics. This is important as the answers come in decimals and the interpretation of values can change entirely with just one decimal point!


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