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Foreign languages tend to intrigue most of us, and being able to communicate using these languages will be an absolute advantage not only in personal life but for prospective careers too. Therefore, many students opt to learn another language while in school. There are many languages which a student can learn and Spanish is one of them. Learning how to write a Spanish Essay is a basic requirement in Spanish class. When doing Spanish or any other language, it will expand your knowledge of the language as well as expand the knowledge of all aspects of the culture of that particular country, be it France or Germany or Italy. Doing a language course in school does not only mean reading and writing. The student will be able to acquire important information about the country, the people and the many cultures that make the country what it is. This knowledge will allow students to broaden their views of different cultures and make them more culturally open and sensitive.

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Here are some of the key points with regard to writing essays for your Spanish subject:
  1. Any form of essay writing is not easy. Allocate ample time and dedicate substantial effort to the task. It might be a bigger challenge to write in a foreign language than writing an essay in English. Therefore, approach the task with determination.
  2. The coursework information sheet should be read at least twice to make sure that you understand the requirements as to what type of essay you should write. A common misconception is for the student to assume what the question is and write his essay paper. Sometimes the requirement is to write an opinion essay but students have missed out reading the last lines of the assignment sheet, and hence write an informative essay, ending up with a low grade. Part of the reason you are given coursework is for the teacher to evaluate whether you can follow instructions and comply with specified requirements. Therefore, a good understanding of the requirements set forth is a prerequisite of good Spanish Essay.
  3. Sometimes your essay topic could be assigned to you or you might have the freedom of selecting your own topic. If you are assigned a topic and you feel that it is not an interesting one, you will have no choice but to complete your assignment on it. However, if you have the freedom of selecting your own topic your choices are limitless. Any subject matter which pertains to Spain and Spanish culture which is interesting to you can be selected. It can enhance your knowledge of the country and culture from which the language originated.
  4. Same as any other essay, a good Spanish Essay requires thorough researching. It might be challenging for any student to obtain research material in another language, however, there are Spanish books and research material which have been translated into English. It will be beneficial for the student however, to try and do his level best to read as much as possible in Spanish as this will improve his comprehension of the language and expand the vocabulary.
  5. As with every essay your essay in Spanish will be better organized and cohesive with the use of an essay outline. Although your essay will not be more than 700-1000 words it will still benefit if an outline is used. The use of an outline will make the essay flow in a logical manner and give cohesion to your writing. The points you make will be properly grouped and clustered instead of being mentioned haphazardly all over the essay.


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