Romeo and Juliet Coursework

Write Your Romeo and Juliet Coursework from the Audience's Perspective

Romeo and Juliet Coursework is assigned to students doing English and literature coursework. Written by William Shakespeare students can almost be 100% certain of receiving this coursework assignment in their literature module. The story is written about two star crossed lovers who come to a tragic ending as their two families are feuding. Romeo and Juliet is a work of art which will not be forgotten by students who study it. The poetry and word depiction is unique beyond words. In order to do a good assignment it is recommended that the student know every aspect of the play and novel thoroughly. Written in the Elizabethan era this play is both humorous and tragic. The story is believed to be more personal than the rest of Shakespeare's work as it has been said that when he wrote it he was having personal problems of his own which were very similar to the problems of Romeo and Juliet.

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Romeo and Juliet coursework will consist of essays and reviews. You might be asked to write an essay on your interpretation of the play or it might require you to review it. In this instance it is most likely that you might not be asked to review the whole play but only a portion of it. To review a play you will need to analyze the language, characters, dialogue, stage designs and the central theme. Romeo and Juliet should not be referred to as a novel; it is in fact a stage production. It was written for a play and never a book. When writing your essay or review it is best to keep this in mind. Inclusion of all the knowledge acquired by you about the culture and historical background and social conditions prevailing in this era will enable you to write a good essay. The best way for you to do this is to read as much as possible on all material written during this time period.

In order to have an understanding of the play and to write your Romeo and Juliet Coursework assignment the student will have to imagine that he is a member of the audience watching the play unfold. This will enable him to focus on every facet of the play which will be beneficial to him as watching it, hearing it, and reading it will increase his comprehension of the play which will enable him to write a better essay on it. With all the sensory inputs converging in your mind, you will be able to write deeply and passionately, leaving your reader engrossed with your work. A good essay should leave the reader impatient to continue and unable to put it down so that he can complete reading what is written. In order to make the essay more authentic, eloquent quotes from the play can be used. However, bear in mind that proper referencing of the quotations should be ensured with citations including act, scene and line numbers.

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