Reflective Essay

Provide Insights into an Experience through a Reflective Essay

A reflective essay is written as a thoughtful analysis of a subject. An essay of this type can be about an event or experience or any other occurrence of everyday life of the author and his thoughts on it. It can also be written as a post reflection of a project completed for an academic or career situation. To reflect is to form an impression of something. Therefore, when writing the essay the impression of the subject should be written in a descriptive and perceptual manner which will convey new thoughts to the reader.

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Essays ranging from illustration essay to expository essays and many more and all of them need thorough research with the exception of personal experience essays and personal essays. Students should consider the assignment and decide what to reflect upon. It can be already specified such as a project completed. Otherwise, a topic of relevance to the subject area must be identified.

Topics for the essay can be on anything worth reflecting. Topics as with a college application essay should be selected with great consideration. The topic should be relevant and should be on an experience or an event where the writer was a part of. Selecting topics which appeal to the writer will enable him to write a better essay.

All essays need to be organized and logical. The only way this can be done is through an outline. Reflective essay does not deviate from other essays when it comes to a standard structure and formatting required. In order to make the process of essay writing easy, students can begin their first paragraph by defining what the essay is about. This can be on a course module or a study project that they have completed. This is where the writer will have to ensure that the reader gets involved in the essay. Therefore, the writer has to make the paragraph an interesting one with a good essay starter.

The next section makes up the body of the essay. It should inform the reader about all about the writer’s ideas and perceptions of the topic. Including all good and bad perceptions on the topic is recommended. Adding anecdotes of certain events which took place can make the essay more enlightening and interesting. The essay must reflect upon the learning experiences. These essays must contemplate upon the mistakes made, how to make improvements for future work. This type of essay also address the role played by elements such as interpersonal communication, leadership, planning, resource organisation and implementation tools in the success or failure of the work concluded or the experience of a program etc.

The conclusion will summarize the main points and experiences in the essay and will provide a general perception of the topic. Students should also provide information on what this experience contributed to make their lives better. This section is critical to make an impressive final impression and therefore students should not merely repeat few lines from the body and end the essay.

Writing a reflective essay is not all that difficult if students understand what is required of them. Students who find reflective writing difficult can obtain writing help from the many writing services available online. is one such writing service. Writers at are experts with project reflections, course work and academic program reflections etc. and will provide extremely insightful writing. You have the opportunity to closely collaborate with the writer so that your own ideas and experiences are incorporated in to the essay. With to help students, they will be able to submit a well written essay.


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