Quarterly Essay

A Good Quarterly Essay should be written on Schedule

A quarterly essay is an essay written by students which has to be submitted on an appointed day. Usually this is once in three months. This means that students will have to strictly adhere to the timing and submit their essay on time. Students writing this essay will be educated on how to write essays for journals and periodicals if they wish for a career in journalism. The essay will be written similar to any other English essay, where the writer will present his or her research and its results.

When writing any essay paper, especially those written for journalism coursework, students have to ensure that they tailor it to their readers’ preferences. This means the writer should assess the reader profile and find out and know what type of language to be used, whether it is to be formal writing, if he or she should use complex phrases or simple ones etc. A good essay is one which makes itself understood to the reader easily and addresses issues that are relevant to the audience. Therefore, it is important that the essay contains the appropriate content and written in a writing style that well aligns with the readers.

The structure for the quarterly essay is the same as for any essay. There will be an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. Students will provide an abstract of the entire essay in language which is simple and easy to understand. This essay is a combination of writer’s own ideas, deep critical review and presentation of the content unearthed through research carried out. Writing in a language which the reader identifies well with is the key to this type of essays.  

A good essay requires sound research and this is especially so for essays which are written targeting publication in newsletters and journals. The effectiveness of the arguments will depend on the strength of the research gathered. The data should be gathered from both primary and secondary sources to increase the credibility of the essay. These essays can be written according to any format. Most academic institutes have their own formatting requirements. Students will have to find out which format they should use for their essay writing. Any quotes, data, figures and information used should be cited in the proper format requirements.

This essay can be written on any topic. These essays should be interesting and captivating as it will be read by many. The topic therefore, should be interesting as well. No person will be interested in reading an essay with a boring topic. An uninteresting topic undoubtedly signifies an uninteresting essay. Therefore, students should take time to select a good topic. 

The quarterly essay has to be written well in order to show the students’ abilities to showcase their active reading, research and writing skills. These three elements are important to a good essay. By incorporating their own style of writing into these essays, students will be able to submit excellent essays that are well worth being made public.

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