Psychology Coursework

Psychology Coursework Commonly Calls for Investigative Research Studies

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Psychology is a course module which is challenging but exciting as it deals with various aspects of human behavior. The subject is available from GCSE level in high school and then as a choice of degree major in college and university level studies. The main expectations of psychology coursework is to demonstrate the student's ability to apply the theoretical knowledge in to practical work and to conduct investigative research. The subject of psychology is quite diverse and main areas of study will vary as per the level at which it is undertaken. At university level, the full scope of the subject is studied as different course modules.

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Common Subject Areas:
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Family psychology
  • Child psychology
  • Adult Psychology
  • Adolescence Psychology
  • History and Systems of Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Addictive Behaviors
  • Ethics of psychotherapy
  • Methods of psychotherapy
  • Application of clinical psychology and therapy

When it comes to psychology coursework, the AS coursework accounts for 30% of the subject marks while the A Level coursework accounts for 15% of the final mark. The work expects the student to submit 2000-2500 word report on the practical investigations conducted on a chosen topic area covered under the course module. The content should be presented as per the stipulated format with below mentioned sections which students can find in their coursework guide.

Main Sections in Coursework Paper
  1. Abstract - although included at the beginning, this should be written last, after completing the whole paper. This aims to give a concise statement which sums up the whole investigation study.
  2. Introduction - A brief but clear outline of what the task is; what subject area has been selected; and the hypothesis proposed for the study should be stated in this section.
  3. Method - This is the main section of a psychology coursework report. Key components of Reserch Design, Participant details, Apparatus & Materials and the Procedure applied should all be discussed in detail. Some students make the mistake of merely mentioning what has been done under each of the above 4 key areas. This is not sufficient to attain a good grade. Students must explain their alternatives, the reasons for the choices made and justify each decision. In some cases, students may need to consider including an additional section on "ethical issues" to give comprehensiveness to the method section.
  4. Results - In this section, the student must discuss the key results of the investigation. The raw data must be included in appendices and all tables and graphs must be explained properly. They should also be properly labeled.
  5. Discussion - This is where the student provides his or her insight of the findings of the investigation. Key findings of the investigation should be referred to as how the student feel about the final outcome of the results and the experimentations should be stated. Areas of improvement for future research should also be reflected upon.
  6. Conclusion - The conclusion is a brief summary of the overall study and the final conclusion of the project.

For gaining a high grade for your psychology coursework, refer to the marking scheme or the assignment rubric which will be provided with the task sheet. It can help you to identify the key areas which you should include in your paper in order to score marks. By making sure all key sections mentioned in the marking scheme are clearly outlined in your paper, you stand the chance to score in all these sections.

Designing, conducting, analyzing data and writing your Coursework paper can be time consuming. You must combine your theoretical knowledge of psychology with research skills to complete this task successfully. It should then be written in a professional manner and as per required structure and format. Most students find it hard to complete the written work while some need assistance with the whole coursework. What ever is your situation, if you have realised that you need to enlist professional coursework help contact We are one of the most reliable of the coursework and essay writing services field and will deliver you outstanding quality. writers are highly competent in their fields of expertise and are well versed in investigative research design and methodology. With these attributes and the well-horned writing styles, delivers nothing short of the best for its customers. You too can experience this promise by contacting us via our hotline and placing your psychology coursework in our reliable hands.

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