Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay Must Present Valid Justifications for Audience to be Persuaded.

An extensive knowledge of the pertinent subject is vitally important for essay writing. But Persuasive essay writing focuses on a different purpose in addition to the knowledge. Persuasive essay writing needs the writer’s ability to tactfully present a point of view to the audience. In this context you have to convince the reader that your opinion is legitimate. This should be achieved through the illustrating of facts and providing reasonable and reliable evidence.

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Once the purpose of your essay writing is clearly identified, you have to analyze your audience. It is vitally important that you judge the position of your audience. If you analyze your position in place of your audience, your argument could be effectively built with facts, logical evidence and moreover with the perfect examples to convince your point of view.

It is essential to plan your essay within the frame of the opinion you are going to build up. Apart from this you should know that the essay should be organized in a standard format with an introduction, body paragraphs, opposing view and finally the conclusion in general. Your points should be well organized especially in the middle paragraphs of the essay. As such you are expected to compile your writing in to a similar structure as a five paragraph essay.

Persuasive EssayThe introduction of persuasive essay aims to gain the reader’s attention to entice him to proceed with the rest of the essay. The background information given in the introduction paragraph encourages the reader and provides a good platform to think about your argument. Your persuasive essay should certainly be based on the facts supported to illustrate your argument to the audience convincingly. Statistics, quotes and examples are some strong points to support your argument well in persuading your audience. It is very important to cite the sources of such evidence.

There are any topics as health, ethics, social and civil rights etc. for persuasive essay writing. You can develop a purposeful and meaningful presentation based on your point of view on the relevant topic if you research your topic thoroughly beyond your knowledge and experience. It is advisable you to visit the places like libraries and discuss your topic with forums to widen your familiarity. Internet is now the most widely used resource for information gathering but make sure to use only the reliable sources.

To present an effective argument, another important criterion is to make your essay debatable, similar to a controversy essay. Mentioning of the counter arguments are of great importance. In this instance you should find the contradictions and any shortcomings in terms of justifying your argument logically against the opposition’s point of view. You can then refute the opposing view and effectively persuade your audience to accept your objective.

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