Personal Experience Essay

Perceptions, Attitudes And Other Personal Reasons Would Influence A Personal Experience Essay

What is the price of Experience?  The answer is likely to be ‘invaluable’ or “priceless”.

All of us in this universe have experienced on diverse matters. ‘Experiencing’- this is a never ending process. This will go on until all the living creatures exist in the world. Every day a human learn something new. Even animals follow suit. Experience is considered to be the best teacher as this gives unforgettable learning. Such experiences tend to be indelible as the experience involves the person in the encounter.

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Unlike topic essay, personal experience essay doesn’t require theoretical knowledge and investigations. This is just the matter of explaining the life a person has lived, felt and seen. Recollecting the memory which is stored in the brain, structuring it in achronological orderand writing it, will be a fairly simple task and an enjoyable one too. Essays writing methodology of personal experience essay is comparatively simple and students should write this without much difficulty.

Writing a political essay or a technical essay can make the student feel bored with the theory and will make the particular task seem complex and tiresome. But in contrast writing on personal experiences will motivate the student.Experiences are more or less practical and hence the students are open to write anything which they have undergone. This is unlike in essays such as a design essay or a psychology essay which should be constrained to particular subject areas. This kind of essay writing should start with a flowery introduction, a message body and proper conclusion to encapsulate the idea. Sensory descriptions as hearing, smelling, sensing, tasting and touching  are words to be used. Furthermore, thoughts, behaviour, feelings emotions should be expressed to keep the reader entangled.

The main purpose of writing this essay is to share our experience with the reader.  When attempting to write Personal experience essay the student should opt a relevant topic of experience requested by the tutor and should experience the incident while writing it. This will engage the student deeply in to the writing and infuse realistic emotions of the experience to the essay. The essay should explain how the incident has influenced the writer’s life and outlook and values.

Experience is scattered. We experience every moment in our life. We might have experienced at work places, at home, at a special occasions or during an accident etc. One mans like would be another’s dislike and one mans laughter is sadly someone’s disaster as well. Since the reader is a third party students must make an attempt to share the personal experiences in a tactful and human manner.  

Human being has a strong desire to share their experiences. But there is inertia, an initial reluctance in writing a personal experience essay. Most students feel it is easier to write on issues which lack personal elements and information. Sometimes, trivial but important issues can be ignored and sometimes, the issues chosen for sharing may place the student in a socially difficult position. This is why students most often choose a professional writing service to write their personal essays. is one of the pioneering firms offering custom writing assistance to students. is equipped with a pool of experienced professionalsprovides the students with a range of customized essays that are suited to any study level. Students are assured of unmatched services by backed by quality and 100% originality.

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