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An Online Essay Can Be Easily Assessed to Gain Guidance on How to Write an Essay

Students have been greatly benefited and facilitated with the developments in IT field and the wide spread use of the internet. Where they once had to travel physically to libraries to obtain information, now it can be done in the comfort of their homes or even while sipping a coffee in their favourite coffee shop! All they need is to connect to the world-wide-web and assess the many resource sites that provide online information, guidance and samples for academic purposes. One of the greatest facilitations for students comes in the form of online essay. As essays are an integral part of the academic curriculum, these online essays makes it easy for students to gain a better understanding on the writing process involved.

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Online essays are simply the essays which can be found online in various internet sites. There are many databases and writing services which students can log on to, in order to find these essays. These databases have a variety of essays which can be downloaded by students to use as guidelines for their essay writing. For example, if students have an assignment where they have to write a history essay, they will be able to find many essays online which pertain to this subject. By referring to these examples students stand a better chance of gaining ideas on how to write essays as well as new information to be included in to a history essay.Online Essay

The downloading of online essays can be done in two ways. The first is to download for free. This will be the most popular method. Students can log on to university or school coursework portals and resource websites or other marketing websites and will be able to download as many essays as they wish on the topics they have to write on. These essays will provide students the information as well as guidance they need to write correctly.

The second is to download essays from sites such as essay banks. These sites usually purchase essays from professional writers at a fee and hence charge a nominal fee to cover these costs. Although this will not be as popular with many students, they will still have to use these services as sometimes they might not find what they need in the free databases.

One of the most important elements when using an online essay is that it is to be used only as a guideline for writing. Students who use these essays and submit the works of others as their own can be accused of plagiarisms. Such online essay text can be easily identified though plagiarism checking software which is being increasingly used by colleges and universities. This is one of the worst crimes a student can commit and repercussions can be as bad as being expelled.

Using an essay downloaded from the internet is the same as using a sample essay from a sample essays collection in published form. They can help students clarify various issues related to essay writing ranging from researching, writing, and editing to proofreading. Even the formatting requirements can be better understood by referring to such online essays. The students will gain clear ideas as to how to quote material, write in-text citations, format the reference list and structure their essays accordingly.

Disadvantage of Online Essays

Although there are many benefits for online essays, there is only one disadvantage. This is, if students are not careful with the writing service they select, they can download an online essay which is plagiarised or not written in the proper manner. Using such examples can place the student in difficult and disadvantageous position.


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