Marketing Assignment Essay

Marketing Assignment Essays Should Combine Theory with Practical Application.

Marketing Assignment essay is a common form of marketing assignment. While report form papers are written for more extensive forms of coursework, the essays allow the tutor to evaluate the student's level of knowledge on a particular topic area. Writing such essays can test the knowledge assimilation of the students in each marketing concept, topic or sub topic covered within the course module. Contrary to a project reports or case study analysis, a marketing essay is less time consuming and will usually concentrate only on a single study topic instead of a combination of marketing concepts and theories. By combining guidelines which are especially applicable for marketing essays with general guidelines of essay writing, student can ensure of a quality assignment being submitted.

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Guidelines Specific for Marketing Papers
  1. Open ended questions - Be clear on the area of study you are to address in your essay. Sometimes the marketing assignments are given as actual real life scenarios and the essay is given as an open ended task. For example, your marketing assignment essay may read as "you are to launch a new product but before doing this, you have decided to pilot test the product. Write an essay on how you will do this while considering various options available." In such a situation student must identify what is the suitable method to pilot test the product, and create a fictitious product to justify your choice of the testing methods. As is the real life, marketing options are many, but there must be proper justification of the choices. The essay type is also left to the student's choice. It can be a combination of informative and evaluation essay, or critical analysis essay.
  2. Application of theory - Marketing assignments expect to see theory being applied to practice. Even in the essay writing, each evaluation, each analysis or each explanation should be linked to a marketing theory or a concept. Your essay will also benefit from citing examples from real business world.
  3. Need for Analysis - Analysis and recommendations are common expectations of a marketing assignment essay. Students must demonstrate these skills with a practical business and marketing acumen which will make analysis and recommendations practical, viable and effective.
  4. Thorough Research - Since marketing assignments replicate problems of the marketing world, the need to research is a priority. The essay must be backed with evidence as examples, quotes, data and information. These must be cited properly, often as per Harvard referencing system. The theory applicable should also be researched upon so that students can have a deeper understanding of how the theory was developed, how it has evolved over time and what are the critical evaluations of these marketing concepts and evaluations.
  5. Image Presentation - Marketing is a field which depends upon visual sensory inputs to a great degree. In marketing appearances and image matters more than in other fields. Hence, even a marketing assignment is expected to demonstrate a high image when it comes to presentation. A higher percentage of marks are allocated to presentation aspects than many other types of coursework assignments. Therefore, make sure to word process and format your essay properly and print in a quality printer and submit as per required standards.


In addition to the above guidelines which are specific to marketing assignment essay writing, students should also draw on general essay writing guidelines to come up with an effective and well written essay. It will help in presenting your ingenuity in marketing along with skills of analytical thinking as well as theory application skills.

Although marketing is a subject which most students like due to its interesting nature and close alignment to daily life in which we make many marketing related decisions as consumers, many find it hard when coming up with sharp analysis and marketing solutions. Some also fail to grasp the application of theory to real life context. Some simply find it too hard to complete the assignments due to the busy time schedules. Imperative of the situation, most students seek essay writing help from professional firms in order to submit a quality essay paper. is one of the most reliable essay writing service firms in terms of quality, delivery by deadline as well as confidentiality. writers are a highly qualified team and work with dedication to produce papers that are outstanding in terms of ideas, content and writing style. Your marketing assignment essay will be handled by a writer that has not only the academic qualifications in marketing but also the professional know how which makes them pros at theory application to practice. Hand over your assignment to today and be assured of top quality results.


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