Love Essay

Love Essays are an Infusion of Creativity and Emotions of the Writer

"Love is in the air… Everywhere I look around .. Love is in the air Every sight and every sound…"

All most all of us are familiar with these lyrics of the popular song sung by John Paul Young. And it is true that love is all around us in different forms and different levels. When students are assigned with writing a love essay, they may wonder of the appropriateness of this theme in academic curriculum. However, love is a universal emotion and the very fabric which keeps the society woven together. Therefore, if one looks at love in a higher level perspective than the simple lustful connotations, then there is a high appropriateness to include an essay on love within essay writing assignments.

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Different Forms of Love

Love is expressed in different forms by all living beings. This is not only an emotion experienced by the humans. It is common in the animal world and even plants are thought to respond to tender love and care in blossoming out better with human contact and hearing them talk. So, it is definitely a universal feeling which makes it relevant to any audience. But the point to note is what forms of love is appropriate for a discussion within a love essay? The answer to this would be that students must acknowledge all forms of love and may focus on one or few types to elaborate on in description form or as an opinion essay. The essay can be written on parental love or sibling love. There can also be the passionate love on which many works of literature is based on. The best example of such passionate, undying love is what you may have come across when writing a Romeo & Juliet essay. On the other hand, love can be spiritual and you may associate god's love or the humanistic aspects of love for all living beings advocated in many religions.


Writing Tips

While it is clear that there are many forms of love, how students manage to discuss these in their essay is what will matter when it comes to the evaluation by the tutor. As this is an emotional topic, it is best that the writer preserve the sensitive quality of the issue by not being too harsh or cynical in opinion of the matter. While there are few cynics of love among us, extending harsh views on this beautiful emotion may mar the entire writing. However, if one is writing an opinion essay, they are still at liberty to extend their own viewpoints on the subject even if they deviate from the majority. Bringing in examples, and narrations as when writing a personal experience essay can make this type of essays very interesting to the reader. Furthermore, students can enrich their essay with apt quotes from literature on the subject of love. Bear in mind that this is an essay which calls for infusing creativity and emotions. The essay should reach out and strum the heart strings of the reader with the notions of romance or other forms of love written about.


Love EssayWriting a Love essay is definitely an enjoyable task than any other essay assignment. These are rather informal essays to be written in simple and smooth language. But some students may not know how to express their views of this subject or might simply lack the time for the task. In such scenarios, can be the ideal solution. Writers of are well versed in all types of essay writing, whether it is a simple essay on love or whether it is a complex assignment on biology or data handling. is one of the top notch firms in writing assistance and this is why clients from all over the world place their absolute trust on our reliable service.


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