Law School Essay

Acceptance to Law School is highly dependent upon the Quality of the Law School Essay

Getting into a graduate law school is getting tougher each year as the numbers of applicants keep rising higher and higher. One of the most effective ways to gain access to the best programs at the best Law schools is a student's personal statement or the law school essay. Preparing the best possible personal essay is a student's priority at this stage. It requires a lot of effort and thought to write a perfectly captivating personal statement that effectively highlights a student's greatest qualities and stands out to admission committees. It is also the only element of the law school application that you could take full control of. However this is a difficult genre and needs careful drafting.

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A student should always bear in mind that the academic qualifications of a majority of the applicants will more or less be the same. Therefore the law school essay should be the one element in an application pack capable of differentiating one student from the rest of the applicants. It may sound more likely an essay contest to students. However this should not at any cost be a summary of the student's resume but should be able to introduce the attributes and accomplishments that make such an individual. The essay writing should be persuasively expanded upon areas such as life experiences, goals, unique qualities etc. It should also display a good understanding of the audience. The experience students have gained from writing personal experience essays can be put to good use when attempting this task.

Guidelines in achieving a great law school essay.

Firstly a student needs to be motivated towards writing a law school essay. A student having a passion towards studying law is one to easily achieve this challenge. Generally an admission committee will comprise of professors, admissions officer and in some cases, alumni students and the essay need to be written to suit this audience. Writing on facts such the capability of accepting responsibilities of ones self, the commitment to serve the family and community or unique but well justified perspectives of justice and other social values will be able to attract credit. A self confident and mature tone with a strong personality and enthusiasm coming through it would be the ideal style of writing. This should be written in the first-person 'I' while trying to establish that he or she is among the best and the brightest. After all, the aim is to persuade so this is a persuasive essay.

A remarkable introduction is of vital importance. It is an opportunity to create a positive first impression. Exceptional personal statements use several types of evidence such as logos, pathos, ethos and mythos. A logical progression in the law school essay is an indication of a good structure. A strong conclusion is the final key note and needs to be played perfectly.


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