Law Essay

Writing Effective Law Essays Require Diligent Researching and Writing

Law is a subject which has many intricacies. Those who choose law coursework are generally aiming to specialize in this subject for future careers in the field of law. As such, students of law are generally prepared for the overwhelming amount of assignment work that is a prerequisite in their field of study. Writing of law essay is among many such assignments and they need a high level of diligent secondary researching and pre planning if to be written well.

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Branches of Law

Law is a very diverse field and students choose their own field of expertise depending upon the field in which they wish to practice. Therefore, essay assignments they need to undertake can range from property law to constitutional law, criminal law or corporate law. The topics to be addressed in these fields differ widely. In some countries, some fields of law are ruled by case law while others though legislature. While students will need specialized knowledge of their own chosen fields of law study, some general areas are common to all law studies. Students should possess a deep understanding of all laws, by laws, judiciary systems, and branches of law as Roman dutch law, commonwealth law, English law, Shariah law etc. for effective essay writing.


Law and Research

When lawyers are preparing for their cases, there is an in-depth amount of secondary research that is carried out in preparation of the trials. Similarly, students of law will need to plan and conduct extensive research for relevant material to be cited within the essay paper. Some essays need citing of legislature pertinent to the issue such as the Acts and their articles. These must be cited with their reference numbers and year of amendments must be born in mind to avoid citing of obsolete laws. If students are writing a law essay to validate a point or a critical analysis essay on a situation which law is to be applied, the analysis should be backed up with case law applicable. To cite such cases, students need to access to all case law documentations. With the developments in technology, and internet, such case law information is easily assessable from electronic databases which are highly reliable.


Law Essay Writing

Writing essays for law needs a deep level of critical analysis as well as exercising of due diligence in finding out all possible evidence and data pertaining to the topic. When it comes to writing the law essay, students should apply a various essay writing techniques such as drafting, essay outlining, brainstorming and analyzing. The data gathered should also be sorted and used appropriately. Since these essays are rich in evidence gathered from outside sources, they need to be properly cited. Law as a field of study makes use of Blue book formatting system in which footnotes and end notes are common. When it comes to writing essay of this nature, it is recommended to use formal language which is common to the field of law. However, when special terminology is being used, it is recommended that they be elucidated upon at the beginning or in a glossary.


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