King Lear Essay

King Lear Essay can be written on Numerous Aspects of the Plot

Among the many Shakespearean essays as Romeo and Juliet or Macbeth essay, another common assignment will be the King Lear essay. This is a story which is full of despair and sorrow, depicting the power hunger, betrayals, ungratefulness, cruelty and insincerities of two of the three daughters and their spouses of the old monarch, Lear. This is an excellent piece of literature for writing a critical analysis essay or a literature review upon for an English literature course module. However, in order to write this essay well, students must gain a high familiarity with the story of King Lear and its main characters as well as the central theme.

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The plot of this deeply tragic story revolves around King Lear, an aging monarch and his three daughters, Gonorill, Ragan and Cordelia and their spouses. The King upon deciding to retire from governance calls upon the three daughters and inquires on their love for him and treats their answer as a guide to decide upon the proportion in the kingdom is to be divided between them. Driven by the greed for power, the two elder daughters Gonorill and Ragan profuse much love and endearments although lacking in sincerity in truly feeling of such love for their farther. Cordelia on the other hand, feels that her love for the king is not to be used as a means to gain power of the kingdom and decides it is worthy to hold her breath. But the old king failing to see true sincerity of Cordelia's love banish her and allocate her portion of the kingdom too among the elder daughters. The story progress to show how, upon gaining what they wanted in power, the two daughters set about ill treating their farther in most horrendous fashion. Shakespeare highlights the nasty, greedy nature of the two daughters effectively with the use of descriptive and narrative essay writing styles in this tale.

King Lear EssayWhen it comes to essay writing such as King Lear essay, students must strive to look at it from different and novel perspectives. Much has been written of this tragic tale in which finally Cordelia dies prompting King Lear to follow suit with grief. By analyzing such critiques as well as reviews, students can gain insightful understandings of how the story is interpreted by different readers. There is plenty of interesting essay topics to be identified from the plot and selecting some unusual themes can enrich the essay paper's reading value. For instance, the fact that the King of France managed to see through the outward scenario of Cordelia's pitiful situation arising from goodness of her virtues can be used as an interesting platform to present an opinion that people should not arrive at conclusions simply with outward appearances and observations. Similarly a comparison essay of how similar incidents take place in today's society can be written with narrations and social comparisons. For instance, there are many cases where after inheriting all of parental properties, some children forsake their parents and leave them in miserable conditions in homes for elders to die in despair.

Despite the importance of essay writing of the nature of King Lear essay for their literature coursework, most students find it difficult to submit well written essays. The main difficulty lies in the difficulty encountered with understanding Shakespeare' language which leads to inability to understand the subtle messages being conveyed through each and every character and their dialogues.

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