Illustration Essay

The Proper Use of Examples is Important When Writing an Illustration Essay

An illustration essay is an assignment which is common to most high school and college students. This essay seeks to inform readers about a subject or an object by the use of colourful and informative examples. Similar to a description essay, this essay too has to provide the reader with sufficient information to enable him to picture the subject or object. The writer should select an appropriate topic that has merit to be illustrated well and which has ample examples to be cited.

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The use of examples in illustration essays

Although the use of examples is the main element in this essay, if too many examples are provided in an incorrect manner, the contents of the essay may confuse the reader. It is important that students provide examples that actually depicts the point being described and match well with the context. The aim of the illustrations are to make it easier for the readers comprehend the point being made through the essay. It should also be ensured that the examples are not vague, dull or boring. Therefore, there are three types of examples students can use to write their essay. These are;

  1. Specific Examples - When using specific examples, students will use examples from their own life experiences which will explain something to the reader. These first hand narrations are preferred as best examples in illustrating a point.
  2. Typical Examples - This type of example is more generic. These should be cited when your first hand specific examples are lacking. They will inform the reader of common and most probable examples of the situation under discussion.
  3. Imaginary Examples - This states what it implies. Through the use of imagination, the writer will use imaginary examples to illustrate a point.


Illustration EssayEssay writing of any form requires patience and commitment. The same is implied with an illustration essay. In the same manner a photograph provides a person with a visual display of its story, this essay should provide readers with a textual display of the explanations being made. The same structure and format used for a classification essay or a descriptive essay can be used to write this essay as well. The beginning of the essay should provide the readers with sufficient background information on the topic and the body of the essay will be for the examples which will be use to illustrate and develop the ideas in the topic. These essays should be written in the same manner as a descriptive essay but there are far more examples being used in writing illustratively.

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