Humanities Essay

The Humanities Essay Evaluates Students' Critical and Analytical Abilities

Writing a humanities essay is a vast and often times a challenging project for most students. As humanities is an expansive subject area encompassing the disciplines of human conditions and the essay will have student writing on subjects such as literature, religion, philosophy, art etc. This essay can discuss and analyze the meaning of life and how people have evolved and interacted with each other through out history. Most essays are assigned with the objective of evaluating students' writing abilities. This essay will also evaluate the students' abilities to criticize and analyse effectively.

This essay can be written in different forms such as a critical essay, argumentative essay, analytical essay etc. Regardless of the type of essay, the first step in effective essay writing is to be clear on the task set forth by the assignment question. Often the topic is provided for students along with the assignment. If this is the case, students are relieved of having to brainstorm on suitable essay topics yet they will be restricted to write within the purview of the given topic.

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Humanities EssaySimilar to any other essays such as marketing essay, a biology essay or law essay, this type of essay will also have to be written in an organized manner. Students should grouped their thoughts under separate key sections and arrange the essay properly to flow smoothly. For this purpose, use of an essay outline will be of much help to guide the students.

Research is important for a well rounded essay paper. Humanities essays will require a high level of secondary research in order to gather the required information and evidence to conduct and support a proper critical analysis. Making sure to use reliable and well respected academic sources will add value to the essay and increase its credibility in the eyes of the reader. These can be obtained through books, journals, magazines, online sources etc. Students must ensure that they remember to cite their sources according to the specified formats. Usually for a humanities essay paper, the MLA or APA formats are the most commonly recommended.

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