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How to Write EssayOne of the most common assignments in grade school, high school and college is the writing of essays. These essays are assigned to groom the students in their abilities to express themselves well in this written mode. This is the most commonly used appraisal method in any subject and therefore, developing essay writing skills become a prerequisite for good academic performance. Writing essay involves a multiple list of skills which includes being able to express one self with words in a logical manner; to be effective with independent research of evidence and content and the ability write eloquently and correctly with proper usage of language and vocabulary. All these aspects must be looked in to when students learn how to write essay.

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In order to excel at essay writing it is important for students to know what an essay is. An essay is a composition which congregates ideas in writing on a certain topic, which the author will conduct research on and present his views on the said topic. There are many types of essays ranging from description essay to reflective essay. In order to obtain good marks for these essays it is vital that students develop their writing versatility and competency on all these forms of essay writing.

Important aspects to pay attention to when writing an essay

The writing of any good essay requires time, dedication and application. A significant amount of time will go for the conducting of research and without applying oneself to the task students will be unable to do a good job. Following aspects of essay writing must be given its due consideration if students are to develop a high quality essay.

  • Topic - A topic is essential for an essay. Students cannot write or conduct research on an essay if there is no proper topic. A topic should not be too broad or too narrow. It should be interesting and should inform the reader with a glance about the contents of the essay. It should ideally be of relevance to the audience of the essay as well.
  • Research - Research is a very important aspect of a well written essay. Without research there will not be an essay paper that is worth reading. Except for few exceptions as personal essays, all other essays need evidence and content to be researched from secondary sources and properly cited to validate the author's writing. There is no use knowing how to write essay if the sufficient amount of research has not been conducted before writing.
  • Planning - Planning is all about deciding on what the students will discuss in the essay. This is a good time to build a working thesis statement and an outline. Drawing up an outline will help students organize the ideas in a logical manner. This is important to writing essay as it helps the students filter out all irrelevant information and include the relevant ones in the essay. The structure for the outline should be in draft form and students should not spend an overly long time over it.
  • Writing - When it comes to writing the essay, the key sections of introduction, body and conclusion should all be given their due share of importance. Introduction gains and retains the attention of the reader. The body should be used to consolidate the entire point of view with logical reasoning and valid evidence. The conclusion should be used for reinforcing the point of view established by the entire essay.

Writing of a high quality academic essay is not easy and certainly not possible without knowing how to write essay. However, if students master the required techniques and work diligently, the outcome can be very rewarding in terms of academic success.

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