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Guidelines and Rules on writing a Good Essay

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Some essays get A+ while others get Bs, Cs and Ds. In worse case scenarios, essays submitted by some students end up with a failed grade. While all of us will agree that not all are blessed with eloquent writing skills and styles that capture the reader's heart, it is also the case that none of us should deserve a low grade or a failed grade for our essay assignments. The key is to know what makes good essays and then incorporate them in to our writing.

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Essential Guidelines and Rules for effective essay writing:
  • Essay to be written addressing the essay question.
  • Essay must be based on the prescribed topic area or if the choice of selecting the topic is given, it should be within the subject area.
  • The selected topic to be relevant, interesting and suitable to the target audience.
  • The topic to be interesting to the writer.
  • Must have smooth flow to the essay with topic sentences and transition lines in the body paragraphs.
  • The central idea should be stated in a clear and precise thesis statement.
  • The essay idea to be well supported with valid, up to date and accurate evidence.
  • The writing must not be rambling but precise. The key is to write concisely without trying to extend the word count with unnecessary words.
  • Must provide the reader with new information and add value to the reading by expanding the reader's knowledge on the subject.
  • Should contain an interesting essay title, a clear essay introduction, a well supported body and a memorable essay conclusion.
  • It should be free of grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors.
  • All information cited from outside sources must be well referenced as per proper citation guides.

By incorporating above key points in to the writing process, students will have a fair chance of coming up with a good essay which sets itself apart from the rest. But they must also know few techniques of essay writing that can help in improving their work.

Essential Techniques:
  1. Pre-planning - This technique is a must for applying in to any form of writing. It involves highlighting key requirements of the task, jotting down ideas, selecting topics, coming up with working titles and developing an outline.
  2. Brainstorming - This is essential as students must consider different angles and perspectives, and different arguments before deciding on the writing.
  3. Smart Cards - Record all key points which goes in to the essay in a "flash card" or a "smart card" that you can keep with you while pondering over the topic. Idea is to record any smart insights that flash in to your mind while you are actually out of the writing task.
  4. Mind Debating - If you are writing pros and cons, argumentative or analysis essays, presenting sound arguments is essential for a good essay. Engage in some mind games to facilitate this. Doing a solo "mind debate" can clarify and sharpen your arguments. If you have a peer or a colleague to debate with it will be even better. Once your argument is refuted, you have a crystal clear case to present in your essay as well as the other side of the debate which can be mentioned.

Abovementioned are just few of the key points and technique which you can incorporate in to your essay writing. By doing so, it is most likely that you will be writing a winning essay that get the best grades that you so deserve. However, you can sharpen your knowledge further by referring to sample essays and other guidelines and tips offered in hand books in essay writing or in reputed writing service websites. Visit Myblogit.net for a collection of sample essays written in different forms and on different subject matters. Myblogit.net also provides excellent custom essay writing services for those students seeking to buy essays. With the team of highly competent writers, Myblogit.net provides outstanding quality in its custom writing services. Place your order now and experience unmatched quality.

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