Geography Coursework

Writing High Quality Geography Coursework Requires Wide Knowledge

Geography Coursework is one of the many coursework subjects a student will have to do in high school or in college. First of all, understanding of the word "Geography" will enable the student to do a good job with his coursework. Geography refers to the "study of the Earth and its elements". There are many types of geography, physical geography; human geography and environmental geography are just some of them. Physical geography is the study of the earth and all aspects of it, from plants to flowers to the atmosphere. Human geography, is the study of how the human behaves in his own and different environments. Environmental geography is the combination of these two geographies and the interaction it entails.

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Geography coursework can be in different forms. Main type of coursework is involved in study of geography depending on the branch of geography being studied. If the student is following geography at a higher academic level as a degree program there is a number of the key study areas of this subject for him to study.

Here are some of them:
  1. Biogeography
  2. Climatology
  3. Coastal Geography
  4. Environmental Geography and Management of it
  5. Geomorphology
  6. Hydrology
  7. Oceanography


In addition to above branches of studies, the study of geography also consists of human geography sub topics such as cultural geography, language geography, urban geography, economic geography etc.

When handling Geographic coursework of various natures, the assignments are likely to utilize any one of the following techniques which are widely used in geographic studies.

So, the techniques are:
  1. Systematic - Grouping of the gathered knowledge on various geographic subjects and phenomena and categorising them to be explored globally.
  2. Descriptive - to describe and specify the locations of features and populations.
  3. Regional - Studies regional specific features related to various geographic aspects.
  4. Analytical - investigates in to features and populations in a specific geographic area.


Geography courseworkMost of the coursework for this subject involves field work, investigations, data analysis etc in order to study different phenomena and subjects related to the topic. Once the topic is selected a hypothesis should be developed. The task set before the student is to write a paper in which the hypothesis is sated, investigated and proved true or false with evidence. This type of research will take an extensive amount of time. The student will have to interview, observe and question and perform surveys in order to collect enough information to gather evidence. Coursework on geography requires data presentation as well. By presenting some of the data in graphical form such as graphs, charts and tables, the clarity and comprehension for the reader will increase. Apply other general guidelines of writing coursework in to your Geography coursework as well in order to present a well structured, properly formatted and error free paper.

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