GCSE Science Coursework

Pass a GCSE Science Coursework with a great result.

General Certificate of Secondary Education or GCSE certificate is an education qualification awarded for students who are in the age of 15 to 16 and a number of subject areas can be selected by the students. This is an education qualification prior to General Certificate of Advanced Level. It helps a student to enroll himself/herself for A Levels. Science is one of the most commonly selected subject streams at this stage of study. Therefore GCSE Science Coursework plays an important role in a student's life. A coursework contains 20% from the final mark. Therefore it is compulsory for a student to perform well at the coursework that he/she is assigned to complete.

Science Stream Subjects

At the GCSE level science stream student has to take up various subjects according to his/her interest such as biology, chemistry and physics etc. There are many types of coursework, namely papers, research projects and experiments are few among many. A student has to prepare him/herself long before attempting the actual coursework. Good lecture notes, as well as practical notes too come handy when one is getting prepared for a coursework. All these facilitate to revise the subject areas covered during class sessions and gives confidence to a student to complete the coursework well.


How to Write Science Coursework

First step of writing a good GCSE Science coursework is to come up with an appropriate topic for the project. When gathering data one can use the lecture notes and lab notes to identify the areas of study covered by the curriculum. Science coursework assess student's practical skills in addition to theoretical knowledge. Therefore the science coursework will involve a practical element followed by a written requirement. At the introduction stage one has to define the subject for the topic and explain the main idea and the purpose of the given coursework. Within the body of the coursework, one has to explain the methodology, experiments used to conduct the work. At the experiments in labs a student has to take maximum safety measures, therefore all precautions taken should be mention in the report for the awareness of the reader as well. Logical and scientific arguments have to be brought up on the chosen subject. Evidence should confirm the arguments. At the conclusion the student has to remind the purpose of the coursework and how he/she is able to give a solution on the chosen topic.


Helpful Tips

Always remember to follow the guidelines given by the teacher and refer to GCSE Science Coursework guide so that all the requirements will be complied with. Completing the work before the due date will allow for proper proof reading and corrections. Many students tend to neglect the reference page but it is very important to show the reader, the sources from which the data and information was gathered for a quality work. Finally, it is the hard work, dedication and understanding of the subject which combines for presenting a high caliber coursework immaterial of what subject area it is in.


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