GCSE English Coursework

Writing GCSE English Coursework that Gain a Higher Grade.

English is a universal language. It is a skill rather than a fact based subject. Therefore unlike for other subject English cannot be learnt by revising only. If one has not learnt the written English, that is spelling, grammar, punctuation and English literature properly it can be bit difficult when it comes to GCSE English Coursework.

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GCSE by meaning is General Certificate of Secondary Education. It is an academic qualification awarded in specific subject/subjects for the students of age 15 to 16. It is the education level that is prior to the General Certificate of Advanced Level. The coursework is worth of 20% of the final mark.

In order to do the coursework well one has to be very good at
  1. Spellings
    Spellings can be improved but not over night. A student can improve his/her spellings skills by self improving. List all the words that spelt incorrectly over the week in all subject, then take it down and spell it until the specific word is spelt correctly.
  2. Grammar
    Once incorrect grammar is used, it gives a different meaning. In order to correct this, student can go through the past notes, read many books he/she can. Best way to check grammar error is to carefully proof read the documents more than once.
  3. Punctuation
    Once the punctuation is wrong in a document it gives a different meaning. In order to improve this weakness, proofreading is a good method.
  4. English Literature
    The important point about this is firstly student needs to understand about the story which is the plot and the characters. Once the student begins on giving his/her view point on the story, student has to adopt the language usage and the style of writer.


gcse english coursework In order to complete coursework successfully, students must work according to a schedule and stick to the deadlines. For need for taking time without rushing is essential for an error free output. The coursework has to be edited and sometime reedited in order to have a good GCSE English Coursework final output. Improving the skills is very important because it gives an ability to do the coursework better. Sharpening the student's skills is also one of the intended outcomes of coursework. Since this is one of the most crucial coursework a student would submit which will impact his GCSE grades, it is best that coursework advice is sought from the tutor if needed. As the English tutor will know the students' strengths as well as weaknesses, the advice will be pertinent and should be used to improve the work.

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