Five Paragraph Essay

The Shortest of Essays - The Five Paragraph Essay

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Essays are compositions on a specific subject or topic using the author's point of view. As part of their academic curriculum, students are assigned to write various essays. These essays will range from descriptive, classification to informative etc. essays and may be written in short essay form or as lengthy extended essays. All these essays are important for the students' learning. These essays all have to be written properly and students are advised to have a basic understanding of how to write each and every one of them flawlessly. The simplest and the shortest of essay writing assignments given to students is the writing of the five paragraph essay.

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Five Paragraph EssayPractice in writing essays with five paragraphs is very useful in certain instances For example, college application essay which are of great importance for students is written in this structure. As this essay is an important element in being selected into college, students should know how to write this impressively and eloquently within a short word limit. The standard structure for this essay is the same as the one when used for writing the essay with five paragraphs. Therefore, it is important for students to know how to write it flawlessly.

Structure of the Essay

This type of essay is taught to students from as early as grade school. This essay is assigned for writing as it helps students to organize their thoughts logically and to build a strong thesis statement. The essay paper will have three important sections as the introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion.

  • Introduction

The introduction is the first paragraph which must include the thesis statement, in which the writer informs the reader what the essay will discuss. Without a thesis statement there will be no direction for the five paragraph essay. The introduction will have to be written in an interesting manner. As this creates the first impression of the essay, it is vital that it should be captivating and holds the readers' attention prompting to continue reading the entire essay.

  • Body

Three paragraphs are allocated for the body of the essay. In these paragraphs, students will introduce new points which will support the thesis statement. Students should keep in mind that each paragraph should include only one new idea. In order to add credibility to the argument it is recommended that students use sound references from experts which will support the argument. There should be proper transition between paragraphs to make the five paragraph essay have a better flow.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion will be the fifth paragraph. It is important that the student keep in mind not to include new information in the conclusion. It will only summarize the main points which were already stated in the essay. This being the last section in the essay must be made use of to leave a lasting impression on the reader.

As this essay is the most basic form of writing, knowing how to write essay will enable students to do better when they are faced with more complex and challenging writing assignments. If a sound understanding is acquired of how to write this simple essay, they will find the writing of other essays much easier to cope with.

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