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The Expository Essay is By Far the Easiest Essay to Write

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Essays are common writing assignments. These assignments are given to students from the time they are in grade school. By the time students come to high school level they have a sound understanding of what all types of essay required from them. Therefore, before they begin any writing assignment, they should know what an essay is. An essay is a short piece of composition which discusses an issue, argument or a question. The student will write his or her essay by conducting thorough research about this issue. As there are many types of essays as analysis, critical, evaluation, or expository essay styles. Developing skills to write on all these will make students versatile at the task of essay writing.

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Considered as one of the easiest essays to write, an essay of this type will explain or provide information on something by the use of facts without providing an argument or opinions. They are similar to the high school essays based on "how to" essays topics. These will include essays which describe how to do something, analyze something, or describe a process of something. Most often these essays are written in answer to a question. A good essay of this type is one which is focused on the topic and provides sufficient information for the reader to understand the explanation.

Expository EssayThe expository essay is usually a short essay written in the five paragraph essay format. This will be with an introduction which will contain the thesis statement and the three paragraphs which follow will develop separate points of explanation which will support the thesis statement. The fifth paragraph will add closure by summing up the entire essay. Keeping the thesis statement simple is the best way to write this essay. As it is one of the easiest essays to write, students should not make it complicated by writing complex thesis statements.

Select a topic which is worth investigating and conduct the sufficient amount of research required. When writing the essay students should keep in mind it should be written by presenting facts and the writer should be devoid of imparting bias. Therefore, students should avoid using phrases such as "in my opinion' and the word "I".

Topics for students to practice

As students need to practice their expository essay writing skills, they should select essay topics which are easy. If they select complicated essay topics, writing the essay too will prove to be complicated. Below are a few topics for students to practice their essays on.

  • Explain in five steps how to write an essay.
  • Explain a process to follow on saving money effectively.
  • Explain three benefits of a computer and how to use them effectively.
  • Explain rules of basketball and their importance.
  • Provide the advantages of learning an extra language.
  • Describe advantages of dieting.
  • Explain how to conduct a survey research.

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