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Handling Essay Questions Need a Good Understanding of the Requirements set Forth by the Question

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Essay Questions are more popular with tutors as a student assessment tool when students move up in their academic levels. It allows the student to demonstrate multiple skills as analysis, writing, researching, comprehension, composing etc. They prompt the student to compose in depth answers instead of selecting an answer, in exercises such as multiple choice quizzes, matching answers or merely providing answers with few words. But the students must be able to understand the question properly in order to answer it effectively.

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Tutors go to great efforts in creating effective assignment questions. If the question is not well constructed, the students will not find it easy to answer it properly. Therefore developing meaningful questions is an essential part of the educational process. As a key step towards achieving clarity of the assignment questions, most tutors provide a marking scheme or an essay rubric. This outlines the key objectives and expectations of the essay assignment and then indicates the intended mark allocation. By referring to this, students can gain a better idea of how to tackle the essay question and what should be included in their writing.

What is an Essay Question?

An essay question has been technically defined as:

"A test item which requires a response composed by the examinee, usually in the form of one or more sentences, of a nature that no single response or pattern of responses can be listed as correct, and the accuracy and quality of which can be judged subjectively only by one skilled or informed in the subject."

Therefore, this type of questions can have different perspectives and ideas to writing and whole different approaches to the subject which needs to be assessed with an open mind. In modern teaching methods, encouraging creative thinking and innovative conceptualization is promoted heavily and hence, essay questions allows students to express their originality and creativity than being limited with a pre composed answer to a question.

Doing well in Essay Questions

In order to do well in answering question of this nature, students must read the essay instructions carefully and note down the key requirements. These key requirements should then be clarified against the essay rubric or the marking scheme or with the tutor. This lays the foundation for writing an effective essay that addresses the question. Make sure to allocate the correct weightage to each section of the essay and address all components of the essay question. For instance, some questions will ask the student to "address the issue of global warming by analysing the present conditions and providing recommendations for future."Most students make the mistake of writing the essay merely in informative form towards the main component of the essay question which is to "address the issue of global warming" and neglect the sub components which requires analysing the current conditions and providing recommendations.

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