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What is an Essay Guide and how to make use of them will be a question which students will often face once they are advised to make use of them to improve the writing process. Most students find the task of writing essays challenging and demanding. There will be many aspects to consider when writing an effective essay, and getting good advice, tips and guidance on writing a proper essay is a wise thing to do. An essay is a short piece of writing, written with the author's point of view while incorporating information and evidence from other sources to support the central theme. It is important for a student to know how to go about doing all these if he expects to receive a high grade for the work.

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There will be many journals and books on how a student can write better essays. With the onset of the technological age it has become easier to go online and get information on how to proceed with writing a good essay.

There are many Essay Guide sites offering instructions to students. It will take only a minimum of time to sit down and read all the relevant instructions thoroughly in order to get an idea as to how to write an essay. These guides will tell the students how to select their topics, how to format and structure the essay paper as well as how to begin the essay with a phrase which will catch the eye of the reader that can compel him to read further. There are also sites which offer the student a chance to peruse samples of essays in order for the student to use as a guideline. However, these sample essays from essay banks should be used with caution and only as reference samples. Some students will download these samples and change a few words and submit it as their own work. This is not advisable as you run the risk of being charged with plagiarism.

A standard Essay Guide will have the following information.
  1. It will inform the reader how to structure the essay. A standard essay has an introduction, a body and a conclusion. In the introduction the student will have to offer his thesis statement which will be what the essay is about. The body of the essay will try to prove the thesis statement using evidence. And the conclusion will reiterate what you have been justifying. An important fact which will be mentioned in the guide is, not to include any new information in the conclusion.
  2. It will advice the reader to plan the essay writing in order to write a cohesive essay. An essay plan and an essay outline will help the writer to figure out what information should be included and what should be excluded in his essay. With the outline the essay will flow from one paragraph to the next.
  3. The Essay Guide will educate the writer on how he should phrase and write the essay. It is important that the reader understands what is written on the essay. Therefore, it will not be effective to use large impressive words which the reader might not understand. Doing so will give the reader the impression that you are trying to impress him with your word prowess and not with the knowledge of the subject. The use of headings, subheadings, bullets, listings etc will make it easy for the reader. One of the main points in writing an essay is to make it easy for the reader.
  4. A comprehensive guide will also discuss different types of essays and enumerate on how to write them so that students become clear of how to write a description essay, an analysis essay or any other form of essay depending on the assignment requirements.

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