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Academic life is the best time in a student's life. Many opportunities come their way and it is up to the students to make the most of it. One of these opportunities is the essay contest. All students who are competent at essay writing can take part in this contest. Therefore, it is recommended that if students are good with the writing of essays, to enroll in one or two essay competitions which might bring them success and self satisfaction.

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Essay ContestAs with any contest, these contests too will have eligibility criteria. First and foremost, students need to be excellent essay writers. They need to be well conversant of how to write essay. This contest is not for students who are unfamiliar with the essay writing process and applicable writing styles and techniques. In most cases, they should be currently enrolled in a study programs in an educational institution. Various essay contests have various age requirements. However, the standard age for any student to take part in any contest is between the ages of 17 and 25. Some essays are open to applicants from all nationalities as long as they can write in the specified language. Some competitions are held in multiple languages to accommodate global participation.

The standard number of words per essay will range from 750 to 1000 words depending on the contest. The essays will range from narrative essays to argumentative essays or reflective essays, and students should have a sound idea as to how each and every one of these essays is written.

All contests have requirements which need to be adhered to. When it comes to this contest students need to submit their applications and the essay entry by the closing date. Formats for these essays will also differ according to each competition. The standard format for any essay is usually is the APA format and the structure will be the same as the five paragraph essay. However, this will vary. All these criteria should be verified before submitting any essays. Therefore, students are recommended to read the submission forms thoroughly to avoid any mishaps.

Prizes for these competitions vary according to each contest. Some essay contests will present prizes as high as USD $ 10,000 while others will be approximately ranging from USD $100 and above. The essays which are selected will be published in various newsletters, souvenir publications or popular website pages for a wider audience.

Essays will be judged according to certain criteria and the students have to ensure that their essay, regardless of whether it is a description essay, a comparison essay or any other is written in a manner which conforms to the criteria.

Requirements that essays for the competition should meet.

Below is a list of what should be apparent in all essays for the competition.

  • Essays should demonstrate a clear understanding of the topics.
  • Essays should have proper structure and should have a unique writing style.
  • Essays should be free of spelling, grammatical, punctuation and formatting errors.
  • Essays should be cited in the proper format.
  • Essays should be 100% original and free of plagiarism.

Coming first, second or third in this essay contest is a great achievement for any student. To have ones writing talents rewarded and showcases will be one of the best rewards students can achieve in their academic lives.

While some students are blessed with writing skills that can allow them to win essay competitions, some of you may be struggling to write ones to meet the assignments requirements. We at understand such difficulties which some students face. Writing assistance offered by is renowned and our team is totally dedicated to this task. provides guidance to students who wish to write any type of essay.

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