Essay Assignment

Essay Assignments are the most Common form of Coursework Assignments

An Essay Assignment is among the most common of the assignments set by the tutors. Essay writing combines a host of critical skills and therefore, in order to develop these as well as to gauge the level of knowledge possessed by the students on a subject area, tutors set assignments in essay form.

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There are various reasons why essays are the most preferred coursework type:
  1. Essays compared to short question and answer type assignments check the student's full comprehension of the topic. It calls for in-depth understanding and comprehension vs. the shallow memorized answers which is sufficient to answer assignments as quizzes and question and answer format.
  2. It allows for sharpening a combination of skills at the same time. For instance, essays need writing skills, creativity and conceptualization, data gathering and research skills, synthesis and analysis skills etc.
  3. There are different types of essays, making it a useful assignment form to develop different types of writing skills. For instance, an argumentative essay requires different writing and thinking skills than a process analysis essay. Similarly a design essay will need analysis and conceptualizing skills while a narrative and descriptive skills will need more of creative writing skills.


While essays are a common form of assignments that come for various coursework, it should not be considered synonymous with coursework. This is because coursework consists of many forms of assignments as project work, practical work, report writing, lab experiments, book reviews or essay assignments. Essays are also not to be mistaken with research of dissertation papers, even if you are writing a very lengthy and extended essay.

Essentials of Essay Writing
  1. The use of proper writing skills - clear and accurate English.
  2. An eloquent and smooth style with proper structure and format.
  3. Selecting and appropriate topic and giving a catchy essay title
  4. Logical presentation of the central idea, theme or argument.
  5. Use of reliable, authentic and relevant content.
  6. Good presentation - grammar, spellings and completeness of writing.
  7. Referencing as per proper and specified citation system as MLA, APA, Harvard or Chicago.


Extra Tips on Good Essay Writing

Essay assignment Writing a mediocre essay assignment is different from writing a good essay. The key to a good essay is to understand the instructions set forth for the assignment. For example, if your assignment instructs you to write a pros and cons essay, it should be written in that fashion. Often students miss this piece of instruction and only scan the assignment sheet for the topic and word count. This results in hard work which is misdirected, prompting the tutor to ascertain a low grade or a fail. Often all essays are misconstrued as an opinion paper. Unless specified to be an opinion essay, your essay assignment is not necessarily an opinion papers. They need logical and justifiable content that is well supported by evidence. For instance, essays of expository or informative nature do not involve the author's opinion at all. Therefore the input of impartial analysis of all aspects of the subject with proper backing with sound evidence is required to produce a quality essay paper.


It is every student's dream to gain a high grade for their essay assignments regardless of the subject. This can be achieved with hard work, commitment and setting aside ample time for studying. However, writing assignments are different from other aspects of studying. There can be student who are very good with all subjects taken and facing exams but fails at putting words on paper. This inability can frustrate the student as he will have deadlines to keep to and other subjects to study for.

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