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Essays are written for expressing view points, ideas and writing skills. From another perspective, they are assigned within a study curriculum to expand knowledge of the topic and enhancement of writing skills. Essay styles range from argumentative to illustration, persuasive and many more. Despite being the most frequently assigned type of coursework, many students find essay writing a task not so savored. To excel at this task, students need to apply their imagination, writing skills and word prowess. These alone will not be sufficient to write an essay of high standard. They need to know how to format and adhere to all the rules and regulations of academic essay writing. Therefore, educating oneself of how to write a proper English essay is a prerequisite for progress in to higher level academic programs.

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Main types of essays

There are many types of essays. Having a sound knowledge of these essay writing styles will increase writing versatility of the student and allow them to address any type of essay topic.

  1. Descriptive Essay - This essay is written in a manner which will inform the reader about something by the use of sensory detail. All five sensors play an important role in the writing of this essay. A successful descriptive essay will not only tell the reader of the topic but also make him "see" and "feel" it through the words used.
  2. Narrative Essay - This essay is written as if telling a story. The main element in it is the plot. The narrative essay should be relevant to the audience and make use of dialogues and descriptions. These essays are usually written in the chronological order.
  3. Compare and Contrast Essay - The compare and contrast essay is used to highlight the similarities and differences of a certain object or a subject matter. It can be an event, a book, and a piece of art or anything which can be compared through common dimensions.
  4. Cause and Effect Essay - This essay is all about the cause of something and its effect of it. Such essay styles can be combined with informative or persuasive essay styles to write interesting and very relevant essays. The Global Warming Essay is an excellent example of an essay topic suited for writing a cause and effect essay.
  5. Expository Essay - The expository essay is also known as "how to" essays, as it is written when informing on how to do something. This essay is written mostly in process writing style and are devoid of opinions and analysis.

English EssayIn addition to above, there are many more types of English essays which are included in the repertoire of essay writing. Some of them include evaluation essays, personal essays, critical analysis essays, classification essays etc. Learning to write each and every one of such essays will enhance the student's writing skills and groom him or her for advance academic projects such as dissertation writing which is compulsory in university studies.

The writing of an English essay is not challenging if students educate themselves of the different purposes of each type of essays and how these are to be written. By combining such knowledge with general essay writing steps such as planning, proper topic selection, outlining, researching, writing and editing the student can complete an essay assignment to professional standard.

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