Drama Essay

A Good Drama Essay Needs Creativity and Insightful Analysis

A drama essay is written by students studying drama coursework or literature coursework. Its main aim is to explain about the play and offer a critical analysis of the drama in question. This will require specific creative writing skills as well as analysis skills. As students who are conducting this essay writing assignment need to watch the drama, they need good observational skills as well. When assigned to write the essay, students need to know every aspect of the drama. This cannot be done without a sound understanding of it. Watching the drama and reading the play ensures that students acquire such familiarity that they need to write a good essay.

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There are many ways of writing this essay. It can be written as a descriptive essay, narrative essay, or a critical analysis essay. All the rules which comply with the standard essay writing should be applied to this essay as well. Whichever form of essay writing is selected to write the essay, students should ensure that they do not overly criticize the famous authors or their work. Only a well supported and well balanced critique of such work will be appreciated by the readers as most of famous plays are much loved by readers all over the world.

Writing a drama essay is not as easy as perceived by many. The main element to keep in mind is that the student has to write the essay as if he or she was part of the audience when watching the drama unfold. This helps students be able to write on the effect the drama had on the audience.

Drama EssayStudents should also keep in mind that they have to select an element of the drama in which to write their essays. This can be on the costumes, theme, plot, stage direction, structure of the drama, dialogue, backdrops etc. They will not be able to write a good essay if they do not select a good theme from the drama. Most of these essay assignments are short essays as drama course module focus much on action and practical aspects of play acting and directing and less on writing aspects. Hence an essay of this nature cannot be written on the entire play with the use of a standard five paragraph essays commonly utilized for short essays.

If students are writing about an actor they need to know the actor's emotions and feelings and analyze them in a logical way to write their essays. This is not an easy thing to do. However, with practise and some guidance gained through referring to few examples, students will no doubt be able to sharpen these skills. An important point to remember is that students will be graded on the quality of their interpretation of the drama. Therefore, students are advised to examine the play in an in-depth manner and not focus totally on the superficial elements.

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