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Writing of the Description Essay Calls the Writer's Creativity to Forefront

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Out of the many essays assigned to students, the description essay is a one which calls on the creativity of the writer. Writing of these essays is like painting mental pictures in the mind of the reader. A successful essay of this type should weave images so vivid with the proper use of adjectives and sensory words so that the reader gets a very clear idea of the subject being described. Such writing is supposed to conjure images and allows students the ability to transfer their emotions on to paper through the use of words. Many students find that not only is it easy but also interesting. If the proper methods are used to writing an essay of this type it will also be made an enjoyable experience for students.

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Description EssayHow does one describe an object, a place, person or something? The main aim with writing this essay is to ensure that it is done in a manner which vividly describes what the student is discussing, so that the reader is able to form "mind pictures" of it. If it is a place that is being described, an effective essay will transport the reader to the place that is being described. If the subject is a person, then the essay will enable the reader to imagine that he or she knows the person being described. Even a touch, a smell or a sound can actually be conveyed to the reader so vividly that they can in fact experience it though their imagination with the help of a vivid description.

Before beginning the description essay, it is important for students to decide on what they will be describing. Will the essay be about a person, an experience or an object etc? Anything that is worth describing can be taken up as the essay topic. Therefore, students will have to spend less time contemplating on selecting essay topics and will be able to concentrate on the essay writing process.

Once students have decided what to describe in their essay paper, it is important that students ask themselves why they are writing it and for whom they are writing it. What is the reason which is compelling them to describe whatever they are describing? Who are the people in the intended audience of readers? Once these factors are established, students are better able to fashion their essay papers effectively.

Writing the essay, as stated above is not very complex but creativity with words is a must. The first element of how to write essay is to use all five senses. These are the sense of sight, touch, sound, smell and taste. Imagination is needed in abundance when writing this essay. The tone of the essay should be apparent from the introduction itself. This will prepare the reader for what is to come. It should arouse the reader's attention and senses and this should be apparent throughout the essay. Applying these writing skills will help students to produce results which they can be proud of.

Considerations to Bear in Mind

Although writing a description essay is enjoyable, as with any English essay there are certain considerations to bear in mind. These include,

  • Use abstract and concrete ideas and images.
  • Avoid the overuse of adjectives.
  • Avoid the overuse of similes and metaphors.
  • Describe something meaningful.

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