Critical Essay

A Well Organized Critical Essay is Informative to the Reader

A critical essay will evaluate and analyze a subject. An essay of this type does not necessarily mean finding negative aspects of the subject. It means evaluating the subject in an unbiased manner. When asked to evaluate something, students should evaluate the subject in a detached and objective manner and write on the uncovered knowledge on the subject. These essays can be written on anything worth analyzing critically. It can be about a work of art, a book, a play, an event etc. In such cases, students are required to discuss the subject and state an evaluation made and back this with sound evidence which include examples, quotations and excerpts from the novel if they are critically evaluating one.

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This type of essay, similar to the critical analysis essay, will have to be written after extensive research as well as with a deep knowledge of the subject. Students should keep in mind that critical writing is done in an objective manner. The standard essay writing structure of this essay is the same as any other structure followed with all other essays. The essay will have an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. With a proper structure the essay can be written easily.

Critical EssayThis essay has to be an informative one. It concentrates mostly on the work being studied and as a result does not encourage students to offer their feeling about the subject as done in an opinion essay. In an essay written critically, the student must demonstrate a sound knowledge of parameters to apply in the critical evaluation of the subject. For various subjects, the applicable parameters will differ. In case of literary work being the topic area for an essay written on a critical note, proper evidence also includes literary criticisms provided by popular persons which will add credibility to the essay. These literary criticisms should be cited properly in the essay, in compliance with proper formatting and referencing rules.

A good critical analysis essay is one which is organized in the proper manner. Each paragraph of the essay should support the main idea provided in the thesis statement. Transition between paragraphs should be sound and should have a consistent flow to it. The essay should make sense to the reader. It should provide background information about the subject being criticised prior to the actual analysis. It will be difficult for students to concentrate on the entire work, conduct thorough research and write short essays if that is what the assignment prescribes. In such cases, selecting and concentrating on a single aspect of the work is advisable. For example, if students are evaluating a novel to write their critical essay, it is important to concentrate on either the language in the novel, the theme, plot or a character.

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