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Controversial essay is one of the most complicated yet interesting essay styles to be applied in to a diverse range of essay topics. These essays will develop debating skills as well as writing skills which students will find useful when and if they take part in any essay contest. An essay of this nature has many opinions including the essay writer's. Students are required to select an issue which is prominent in society and debatable in nature. The writer should state his or her own position in the matter and then support it with arguments and validations properly backed by justifications and evidence. Controversial topics are very interesting. Therefore, essay writing of this nature usually provoke the writer in many students.

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Selection of an appropriate topic plays a key role in this A good essay can be written only if students select good topics. These topics should be relevant to people and should be considered controversial. Topics which are mundane or those which have had their fair share of arguments should be avoided if possible. However, some issues, although considered old, can be discussed and argued on various levels and with different perspectives. Therefore students need to ensure that their controversial essay topic is selected carefully.

Some topics which can be discussed are abortion, Global Warming, child abuse, child labour, regional economic integration or terrorism. Although these are topics have been discussed many times, if researched thoroughly students will be able to find new and interesting ideas on how they can approach the writing process in a different manner.

When it comes to writing the essay, the same rules which apply to a persuasive essays or argumentative essays will apply to these essays as well. It should be reiterated that students cannot be subjective in their opinions and judgments. All their view points should be justified and well defended. Students should also remember not to deviate from the thesis statement.

Controversial EssayTo be knowledgeable about the topic or issue students need to conduct thorough research from a wide variety of sources. A good essay will provide various types of views on the subject. This will make it more interesting to the reader instead of offering only one opinion. Use many examples which will prove the writer's point of view. Students must also keep in mind that a good controversial essay will discuss the issues and not preach it to the readers. By referring to a good sample essay, students can get a good idea of how best to approach essays of controversial nature. There are plenty of such example essays available in essay banks and freely offered by essay writing services such as

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