Contrast Essay

Items Which Share Common Dimensions can be contrasted in a Contrast Essay

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A contrast essay is an essay which is written identifying differences of two or more items. This essay can be written on any subject provided they share some common dimensions across which the contrasting can be done. Students should not assume that writing this essay is similar to the compare and contrast essay. While the compare and contrast essay will find the similarities as well as the differences between alternatives, this essay will only concentrate on the differences.

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Students who are required to conduct essay writing of this nature will be greatly benefited by knowing some of the finer points of writing such an essay. In order to contrast there has to be two or more items. Students can contrast certain texts, clothing items, personalities, essay types, products, brands etc. Contrasting can also be done when students are looking for colleges or universities they wish to attend.

Contrast EssayWhen beginning the writing procedure students can think about the reasons for contrasting. What is compelling them to write an essay of this nature on this subject? It is usually to provide a clear idea to the reader on differences between two items which represents a similar category. Selecting subjects which are interesting and matter to the students will compel and motivate them to delve deeply and write effective essays. A contrast essay can be written on two types of automobiles if that is what interests the students or it can be written on two ways in which scientific research can be carried out. The appropriateness of the selected topic depends on the subject area for which the essay is written as well as the interest and relevance for the intended audience.

Similar to a comparative essay, it is important to identify few key areas or dimensions common to the alternatives for the contrasting to be carried out. For instance, if the student chooses to contrast qualitative vs. quantitative methods of research, then the key dimensions to contrast on can be the ease of implementation, the cost of research, time taken for research, number of respondents and validity and genaralizability of findings.

Many students find the writing of this essay challenging. They can obtain good online essay examples which will help them educate themselves on how this type of essay can be written in the most effective manner.

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