Compare and Contrast Essay

A Compare and Contrast Essay Can Be Written on Any Subject worth Comparing

Compare and contrast essay is one of the many essays which students will be assigned for essay writing in school. As developing the writing skills associated with various type of essays is a must for higher level academic performance, students should develop their writing skills on different essays such as comparison essays, critical analysis essay, narration essays etc. Students must understand that the challenge of writing a good essay lie not so much in writing itself but in understanding the proper approach to be taken with this regard.

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Compare and Contrast EssayFocusing on comparison essay types, comparing is something which is done almost daily. People will tend to compare themselves to others, situations to others, their salaries with others or price of one good with another. In order to compare, two or more subjects is required as there can be no comparison if there is nothing to compare it with. When selecting items to be compared and contrasted in an essay of this nature both similarities and differences should be found out. The comparison will show how these two or more objects are similar while contrasting will show the differences across a set of dimensions common to all.

There are two ways in which to write this essay paper.

One is the tandem pattern and the other is the alternate pattern.

  1. Tandem - The tandem pattern is considered easier by many students. This is to separate the pros and cons in to different paragraphs. For example, students will address one item's pros and cons in one paragraph and then address the other's in the next one etc.
  2. Alternate - This is entirely different from the tandem pattern as the pros and cons of the items will be explained alternatively in the same paragraph, but each item will be compared in different paragraphs.


Once students have decided on which pattern to write their essays, they will be able to begin the writing process. As with all essays, students need to support their arguments with sound evidence from primary and secondary sources. When writing, students should remember that all sources need to be cited correctly in order to not be accused of plagiarism.

It is common for students to ask why they have to write essays. A compare and contrast essay is assigned to encourage students to make connections between texts or any other subjects, use their critical thinking skills, be able to analyze certain elements and gain a deeper understanding of the items being compared.

If students are finding it a challenge to write their essays, regardless of type, they will be able to find many essays online which help them to gain an understanding of how to write essay. With the help of guidelines and sample online essays, students should strive to write good essays. If that does not help, offers students the facility to buy custom essays. ensures that when you submit your requirements, you are assured of an essay which is high in quality and is value for money. Writers of are totally dedicated to satisfying their customers and offering tailor made essays which are aligned with student's standards and caliber.


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