Comparative Essay

Any Two Subjects or Ideas Worthy of a Comparative Analysis can be the Basis of a Comparative Essay

Writing essays be it a high school essay or a college essay can be fun as well as tiresome. The way students feel depends on the type of essay they are required to write. Some essays require more in-depth analysis than others which makes the researching aspect of it more demanding and time consuming. Some essays such as, narrative or personal essays make the entire essay writing experience a more enjoyable and less cumbersome one. However developing versatility and competence in handling any form of essays will propel your grades to higher ranks, allowing students to be confident in essay writing of all types. One of the commonly assigned essay forms is the comparative essay and it is an imperative to learn the basic rules of writing it.

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This essay as is clearly stated compares two or more subjects or ideas. There should always be at least two subjects as a comparison cannot be done with one subject. It involves finding the similarities and differences of the alternatives involved. Subject topics for a comparative essay can be found in almost any thing around us. It can be written on different views, events, people or objects. To write this essay effectively, you need to identify the key dimensions which the two alternative being compared are sharing. As an example, students can take the writing of a novel by the same author and identify the key sharing dimensions as the themes, style of writing, plot and characters to conduct the comparison. In writing essay of this nature, the analysis must consider both similarities and differences. Once this is done, students can make a summation of the entire comparative analysis and arrive at a sound conclusion.

Comparative EssayThere are two ways in which to write the essay. The first method is to include all the similarities of the subject or ideas in one paragraph and include all the differences in the other. The second method is to include the differences and similarities alternatively. For example, if students are to compare the play Romeo and Juliet to The Taming of the Shrew, students can first find the similarities and differences in the theme, then they can go on to the similarities and differences of characters etc. Immaterial of the choice of methods, it should be written in a manner which the reader can easily decipher.

Essay writing of all types has many common elements. There are topics to select, research to conduct, formats to adhere to, structural requirements etc. All these should be elements which need to be considered when writing a comparative essay as well.

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