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Selection of the College Essay Topic is a Critical Aspect of the Writing Process

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College is the doorway to a better career and better personal development for a student. A college degree is an advantage when it comes to progressing in many careers. Many high school students ponder their ability to enter college. Some have ideas of which college they should apply for even before they complete their junior year in high school. This is a dream for many students. However, the final decision of whether the student will get a chance to attend the college they wish to attend will be in the hands of the College Admission Board. This is why, the application documents, including the application essays must be written to perfection to impress the admission board. When students apply for college they need to submit an essay which informs the selectors as to why they should consider the student. This is called the college application essay. The college essay needs to be written in the correct manner for students to be considered. There are many elements which make a good college essay and one of them is the college essay topic.

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Students who have done essay writing understand the importance of a well selected topic. They know that an essay does not even have a good beginning yet along a completion without a good topic. A good topic is what draws the reader to the essay. If the topic is not a captivating one, the reader's attention will be tepid towards the essay paper. Therefore, in order to be selected for an esteemed educational organization, students need to ensure that the topic selection for their essays is done with great consideration.

College Essay TopicHow does one choose the best college essay topic for their essay? The selection of essay topics can not be done in ad-hoc fashion. This is understood by all students who have written many essays during their high school years. However, with the right help, they will be able to select the best topics which will stand out from all the rest of the applicants. Knowing the audience and the purpose of the essay will help the writer to decide what sort of an essay topic is most appropriate. Since the purpose of the college essay is to provide a personal snapshot of the student's character, personality and life to the selection committee, the topics must be personal in nature. Common essay questions will range from "what do you see for yourself in five years?" or "describe your life goals and how studying at this college can help you in achieving it". If students are to select a topic from these, they should select the one which is familiar and easy for them to write an essay on.

Students should start writing this essay by preplanning. An important task is to list down the best qualities and points which the student wish to highlight to the selectors. This list can include skills, personality, charitable organizations worked on and special achievements etc. Once a list is made, students should only select the ones which show off their personality most. Students should also keep in mind that the topics they select will also provide the Board with information and knowledge on what type of person they are. With the topic, the Board will be able to judge the applicant's values, preferences and thought processes. Therefore, selection should be done carefully. Students who are not sure of which topics they should select should go online and obtain sample essay topics which will provide them with a clear understanding of what direction to go in this process.

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