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Writing the perfect College Application Essay is critical when applying for colleges as this is student's strongest ammunition in the college application arsenal. Being accepted in to reputed colleges and universities is becoming increasingly competitive and many students find themselves not being selected to the colleges they apply. A majority of students are talented and their academic as well as extra curricular records are very impressive. Their GPAs are excellent and they have many transcripts to prove it. These things are applicable and important when applying to college. However, these elements are no longer the only selection criteria as they are possessed by many students who apply for colleges. This is why an admission essay plays a key role in differentiating the various applicants for the selection committee.

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Most students will find themselves wondering of the purpose of this essay. The reason is that it provides individual insights in to the applicant's personality, life goals and inspirations. Most Admission Officers go through hundreds of applications which are impressive in terms of their academic performance. But the admission board is interested in selecting applicants that are well balanced in their personalities, and possess various skills other than merely being high in academic performance. The college application essay allows the applicant to tell the admission board about their personality and how they can enrich the student body. The essay also allows showing how eloquently the student's essay writing skills are.

College Application EssayThe college application essay has to be written in a manner which is noticed at once. Many essays are received by the Admission Board and they all will say the same things. After reading a considerable number of them, the readers' interest levels will no doubt be saturated. As learned when writing the high school essay, if the essay is interesting and captivating, it is a guarantee it will be read with interest. Therefore, students should ensure that their essays are written in a unique and interesting manner.

When it comes to writing this type of essay, students can make use of the skills acquired in writing personal experience essay and personal essays during high school.

Here are a few key points to note in writing essays for the college application.
  • Brainstorming is an important element of writing successful essays. Any student, who has written an essay, knows the importance of brainstorming. Listing down all the student's major accomplishments, the life goals, the compatibility with chosen field of studies with such inspirations and why they stand out from other etc will enable students to come up with important information required to write the essay.
  • The next step to a successful college application essay is the selection of a good college essay topic. The topic should be able to inform the reader at a glance, what the student will be addressing in the essay. Keep in mind that the topic should be interesting and should answer the questions that are asked.
  • There is no exact method to write a good essay. If the student is good with his or her essay writing skills and apply the proper techniques to writing the essay, they will be able to execute a perfect essay. Being original, unique, and with the use of imagery and clear, vivid prose are some of the attributes which make an excellent essay.

How the student writes his or her essay will be the deciding factor in the college acceptance and this is why students must endeavor to write only the best of essays for this purpose.

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