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Classification Essay Will Categorize Things In to Common Groups

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Many students are unfamiliar with what to do when they are faced with the task of essay writing. It should be clear to students that the only way in which they will be able to write good essays to understand what the essay requirements are. As different types of essays will require different approaches, it is important to be educated on various types of essay writing exercises. When faced with writing a classification essay some students will wonder as to how this essay should be written. But as essay name implies, it involves simple exercise of classifying. People are always classifying things. They will classify trees, books, clothes etc. The reason they do this is that it is easier to have a multiple number of objects or things allocated in to separate groups based on some grouping criteria. When students are asked to write this the same rules will apply.

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Every essay has a different aim. A description essay will aim to describe something, while an expository essay will aim to inform people on how to do something. The same can be said for this type of essay as well. The aim of this essay is to categorize a number of items and sort them in to few groups in order to be able to investigate the subject further. When writing an essay the students will have to find characteristics of different objects which belong in the same category and write their essays accordingly.

Classification EssayWriting the classification essay is easy as long as students do not have too many categories. This will tend to make the essay boring for the readers. The same will apply if students have only a few categories. This again can make the essay appear shallow. The order in which students will present these categories is also important. Some students will prefer to impart the most significant category first and leave the weak ones for last. There is no set order to write the essay. Students will have to decide on what order they prefer to categorize their essay and hope they have done the wise thing.

Essay topics for this type of an essay have to be selected with caution. An interesting essay topic makes the thesis statement feasible and makes it interesting for students as well as the readers. However, coming up with topics for this type of essay is not easy since the selected topic must allow the writer to actually carry out the categorizing.

Following are few examples which can allow for effective classification essay writing.
  • Classify different types of automobiles according to their speed and mobility.
  • Classify the different types of music listened to by teenagers.
  • Classify countries according to population and area.
  • Rate hotels in your country according to its stars.
  • Classify mobile users who use text messaging services and calls.
  • Rate which types of food are most eaten by Caucasian people.

How does one ensure that the categories are relevant and nothing has been left out? This can be done by coming up with a clear thesis statement which will guide students in a single direction and remind the student of the point of the essay every time the student deviates from the topic. An essay outline will also help students to keep the essay on track and ensure that no relevant information has been left out of the essay paper. By refereeing to a few sample essay students will be able to obtain information and use them as guidelines when it comes to writing their essays.

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