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Chemistry Coursework is taken up from GCSE level onwards and pursued to higher academic levels if the students are interested in a career in science field. It is offered as an elective for GCSE, AS and AL levels and considered essential if the students are planning to gain university or college entrance in to schools of applied science, medicine or engineering. Therefore, striking the correct chemistry with the chemistry assignments is important for students.

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Chemistry studies the composition, structure, and properties of matter, the reactions and interactions between chemical components and the processes involved in such reactions. There are various branches of chemistry which will come up in the study of the subject. However the depth of the subject will differ considerably depending on the study level of the student.

Here are some of the key areas of studies which students will face in their chemistry coursework:
  1. Organic Chemistry which is concerned with the study of compounds of carbon.
  2. In-organic Chemistry which is concerned with the study of chemical elements and their compounds.
  3. Physical Chemistry - which pertains to the study of physical properties of materials. Areas such as thermo-chemistry, electro-chemistry, and chemical kinetics are studies within this sub discipline of chemistry.
  4. Analytical Chemistry - which analyses the samples of various substance and matter to identify the chemical composition and the structure of them.

There are basic requirements of doing this type of coursework. In the first, place, the work should be interesting to the student. To do well in this subject, a student must be naturally inclined towards the subject and be interested in it. Those who choose the subject are usually interested in it. Secondly, the study material and class notes should be referred to carefully. Regular attendance for class lectures and experiment sessions is essential if students are to perform well in Chemistry Coursework.

Types of Coursework

There will be written coursework and practical assignments. If the coursework related to experiments, then the students should conduct it as per the knowledge they have already gained on conducting similar experiments. The apparatus, equipment and material used in the experiments must be recorded along with the process and observations of outcomes. Knowledge of all terminology and the chemical notations and equations are essential for writing Chemistry assignments correctly.

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