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A cause and effect essay is an analytical essay written to explain the reason (causes) for an event to happen or to interpret the consequences (effects) of an event. This essay writing form is a common way of organising and discussing ideas. This could be applied in writing an abortion essay, a global warming essay or any other similar topic. Before writing such as essay, the student should establish a connection between two substances or elements. The main focus should be to explain reasons for a particular occurrence, their influence on the general public or the nature of such consequence.

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Students should always make sure to start the essay writing with a prominent or well known outcome or condition as this will make the essay more appealing and attractive to the audience. Alternatively the student can effectively describe the event and analyse its consequences. However many students find it difficult to differentiate the cause and the effect. In such a case asking the questions "what" and "why" can help identify the effect and cause of the situation.

However in some instances there may be too many causes to be covered in the essay. In such a case students should be able to identify and prioritise the most important causes and highlight them. Minor reasons or causes can also be mentioned subsequently. It is advisable to arrange those causes in a logical manner so that the reader can see a logical flow and will be able to identify them better according to their importance and relevance.

When writing a cause and effect essay it is important that students decide on the purpose of the writing and choose the essay writing style accordingly. For instance if the intent is to persuade the reader of a certain matter then a persuasive essay structure and tone should be selected. It is also important to focus on instantaneous and direct causes rather than concentrating on indirect and remote causes, which occur later on and are linked indirectly.

Students should not forget to use relevant and supporting evidence to strengthen their essay. One should also define the terms, and feel free to include facts and statistics or provide appropriate examples, anecdotes, personal observations or interpretations. This will increase the quality of the written essay. Students may finish their cause and effect essay with a call for immediate action. If the essay is written well and supported with logical arguments and evidence, then there is a high chance that the reader will reach the essay conclusion with a decision to comply with the call for action made by the writer.

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