Business Studies Coursework

Business Studies Coursework Involves Application of Theory

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Business Studies Coursework is undertaken by students from GCSE studies up to university level studies. The curriculum of this module is wide and covers various aspects of business management. As the study levels progress the complexity and theoretical aspects of the course content will increase. Final outcome expected of business studies students would be for them to successfully engage in managing business at either corporate or own business level. Therefore, application of theory in to practical business issues, problems and context is the core expectation of most of the coursework assignments designed for this subject.

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There will be a host of subject areas which directly relate to business administration or business management that will be covered under this particular module.

Some of the common topic areas include:
  1. Finance and Investment management
  2. Cost accounting
  3. Production management
  4. Human Resource Management
  5. Organisational Behavior
  6. International Business
  7. Business Ethics
  8. Economics

Business Studies Coursework may come in different forms. Most commonly, students will need to write essays and term papers on various business related issues while incorporating their theoretical knowledge. The synthesis of theory with real life business examples is expected in such essays with widely researched evidence cited to support the central discussion.

Another approach to coursework in business studies is to ask the students to formulate business reports which are commonly used in actual business operations. Some of the common reports include business plans, project reports, marketing plans, new product proposals, communication strategies, policy and procedure documents etc. There are appropriate standard formats that are used in writing such reports. Students should adhere to them and complete their work with an inclusion of recommendations which is a common expectation in most of the assignments.

Another common form of Business Studies Coursework involves the analysis of given case studies. These case studies can pertain to various subject areas that fall under business management. The cases are usually provided to the students or they are directed to use text books that contain collection of business case studies. The main aim of such assignments is to test the student's ability to absorb the provided information and then identify the issues and problems based on available information. Application of various business analysis tools such as SWOT, Porter's Industry Analysis, BCG Matrix etc are expected in handling these assignments effectively. The work will be evaluated for its thoroughness of analysis and the soundness of recommendations.

Which ever the form of your coursework assignment is, you will need to complete it to a high standard and present it professionally if a high grade is expected. While this is a subject that calls for practical business acumen of students to be applied to practical business scenarios, there is also the need to understand and apply the complex theoretical constructs in to your work. If you find it a difficult task to complete your coursework for business studies, then seeking coursework help is an option. is a professional essay writing service that has helped many such students. Our clients can collaborate closely with our expert writers and impart their ideas and analysis as well as recommendations in to the writing process. writers will work closely with the students so that they too learn how such professional coursework papers are written. is well known in the industry for providing high quality coursework writing and essay writing assistance, dissertation help and proof reading services. Our writers are the best in the industry and this is why we vouch for a top class Business Studies Coursework if you enlist our help.

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