Book Review Essay

The Writer Has the Liberty to Express Own Opinions in a Book Review Essay

A book review is a critical assessment of a text, or written work. Book reviews can be carried out considering a book, an article, entire genres or fields of literature and so on. However most importantly a book review should be presented with a valid argument. When writing a book review essay you should keep in mind that it is not just writing a summary of the text you read, the incident or experience. It has more in to it than that. It allows you to enter in to dialog and debate with the work of the writer and with other audiences. Here you are given the liberty to express your opinion either by agreeing or disagreeing with the writer. Do not hesitate to challenge any assumption, approach or an argument raised by the writer. However you should back up your arguments with sufficient and appropriate examples or by using reliable facts and statistics.

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Academic essays of this nature can vary from one another. You may come across very brief book reviews as well as very lengthy ones. Usually in newspapers and academic journals the book review essays rarely exceed 1000 words. Either way for the essay to be effective it should be up to the point. Apart from the number of words, such an essay can vary in terms of tone, subject or style. However in spite of these differences these essays will still share some common characteristics which are outlined below.

Following are the common characteristics of the book review essays:
  1. Firstly this essay should give the reader a crisp summery of the content. This should include an appropriate explanation of the topic as well as its overall point of view, argument or the purpose.
  2. Secondly and most importantly the review should include a critical assessment of the content. This may include your response to the work under review, what strikes you as worth mentioning, whether or not it was of use or influential, and how it improved your understanding of the issue at hand.
  3. Finally, in addition to evaluating the work, a book review essay should also suggest whether or not the audience should follow it or appreciate it.


To get a start to your essay you could develop a series of questions to dig in to the work at hand, these same questions can be rearranged as an analysis to develop your essay. However make sure the questions you developed are related to the work and to the interests of the audience.

In writing an effective book review remember to gather information both from internal sources such as by reading the text, as well as external sources such as by observations and considering other articles and critiques written by different writers. Once you have gathered relevant information you should organise the assessments and evaluations you made appropriately using a suitable structure.

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