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Book Report Essay Writing Requires Thorough Reading of the Book

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A student's academic life is filled with the writing of essays. There are research papers, essay papers and reports which have to be written. These writings improve the students' knowledge of academic writing essay and as a result they will find more and more of these essays assigned to them. One of the many essays assigned is the writing of a book report. A book report essay is a common assignment given to high school students. Tutors will assign specific topics or a book in which students will be assigned to write a critical essay or a summary of it. They will have to read the entire contents of the book and inform the reader, what the book was about. It is written in a combination of Informative, analytical and opinionated manner so that tutors will not have to read the book to know the contents. In this type of essay writing, students are also allowed to form their opinions and give an indication of their reaction to the story as well. This is done as a way of broadening the students' understanding of the literary work and the message it conveyed.

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Writing Process

If the book is not assigned to students it is recommended that they select a book which is of interest to them. This ensures a better book report essay. Before writing the essay students are required to read the book and understand the theme, the message and underlying subtle nuances. Without acquiring a thorough understanding of the book they will not be able to write an effective report on it. Following are few tips that can be incorporated in to the writing process to make it more effective.

  1. Taking down notes in the process of reading will enable students to write down any significant aspects of the book.
  2. Ensuring that the book is written with an unbiased mind can help produce better essays.
  3. Drawing up an outline will ensure that all relevant aspects of the book are in the essay. Essay outlines always help students organize their thoughts and ideas and as a result they produce essays which are better organized. Any academic essay is better written if an outline is used.
  4. The introduction of the essay will inform the reader of the name of the book, the author, and relevant publication information. Along with this information students will have to provide a brief description of the book's theme. It should be kept in mind that a book will usually have more than one theme evident.
  5. In the body section of the book report essay students will have to provide the summary of the book in detail. In this section of the essay, students will describe the main plot and offer their opinions on the plot as well.
  6. Depending on the book read, students will have to inform the readers if the ending was satisfactory and in the case of non fiction books, if the thesis was supported by strong evidence.
  7. The conclusion of the essay will provide the reader with the writer's overall opinion of the book.

If these aspects are incorporated in to the writing process, the outcome is most likely to improve and impress the tutors.

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