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What is an essay?

March 22nd, 2010

An essay is so important to academic work and they are the best way to communicate strong ideas. In an essay, one has to argue a point of view or expand upon a main idea. In doing so, the writer must focus on presenting new information or introducing old information in a new way to make a topic interesting and make the writer’s point of view persuasive. It is essential not to simply copy or restate the work of others, but instead use your own voice to discuss the topic. Essays should be strong and coherent (i.e., follow a topic), therefore they should follow proper style and format guidelines, which I will discuss below. Think of them as the best aspect of your thoughts and opinions- the kind others will be reading and using to gauge your abilities. If you can show that you know your topic or field and convey your thoughts clearly using the right style and formatting guidelines, then your work will influence other people.
Essays are a scholarly medium and must have format and style. No matter what style you use (MLA, APA, Chicago Manual, etc.) you have to follow it to the letter. Using the proper style ensures that other writers understand where you get your information and what a certain symbol means in your writing (e.g., *). For example, in Thailand linguists will often use a * to show incorrect grammar; whereas in the United States many people will use the same symbol to illustrate a sentence with correct grammar. It is important to know which style you are dealing with to make your meaning clear in your essay. You should consult with a professor or with your university’s website to find out what style you need to use. Typically, English majors will use MLA style, Psychology majors will use APA style, and Anthropology majors will use Chicago style. These are just some examples, but I’m sure you can find what you need through your university’s resources.
The next key issue with writing an essay is formatting. Formatting is a big part of what makes an essay an essay, so it is important to know the basics. Nowadays many essays are on the internet or in databases for permanent public access, so writers use conventions or rules to help each other understand their writings and quickly find information they need. If you read an essay that does not follow the basic formatting rules, then you will probably find yourself confused, bored, and unconvinced by the writer’s point of view. If you have to wait until the last paragraph to understand the “surprise” or “twist” of the essay, then you are going to pull their hair out. So, stick to the following formatting rules when writing an essay and you will be more successful.

Essay Format – Rules That Can Make or Break Your Essay!

January 21st, 2009

Follow This Essay Format to Achieve Maximum Readability

Everyone writes essays. Every Tom, Dick and Harry writes essays on something or the other since childhood. But do we know how to define an essay? Well, it is nothing but a short piece of writing that is usually written from the author’s own point of view. It is normally written by students who attend schools and colleges. You must have the capacity to write a good essay because people judge you based on the essays that you write. There are many educational institutions where you are asked to write an essay for the purpose of assessment. At this juncture most students find it a bit difficult to write impressive College Entrance Essays. Good vocabulary is essential for writing any essay. Well, your job is not done just by having a good vocabulary. You must also know to present it in such a way that it reaches your readers efficiently. Hence, being aware of the college essay format is very important.

When you buy research paper, check the format first

January 9th, 2009

If you have decided to buy research paper and not bother about writing one on your own, it is indeed a good decision. What you have to take care about is the format in which this research paper has been written. There are many writers today who offer their services as essay writing specialists, writing all sorts of different kinds of essays. There are some who specialise in only one kind of essay writing. It is possible for example to have a writer who concentrates on building his skill in the field of travel writing or argumentative writing. Since he is trying to perfect his skills in a specific field, he might not be able to do all kinds of essay writing.

Buy Essay Today

January 8th, 2009

Do you really think it is wise to buy essay and not write one yourself? Well, there are many of you out there who would think that I am one hell of a fool to spend a lot of time and effort trying to master the art of essay writing. You might think that I am quite crazy to get into my head the basics of how to write an essay on abortion or spend time looking for argumentative research topics. In my opinion, I think the time and effort spent on writing an essay is something that is well spent. It not only helps you get things into the right perspective, it also helps you become conversant in presenting ideas to people. This is a key element in effective communication and of course as we all know: effective communication is the key to personal and professional success.

Argumentative research paper topics – is there any shortage of these?

January 4th, 2009

A good argument is enough to rejuvenate or recharge are lives; so, there could never be a shortage of argumentative research paper topics at any given time. Whether you are a toddler, a teenager, an adult or somebody who is on the verge of getting into the geriatric ward, we would all like to be part of a good and healthy argument. Well, this is as long as it is a verbal argument where most of us are vocal in our thoughts and quite vociferous in our expressions. What happens in a situation where one needs to be able to put down on paper all that goes into an argument? This is even more difficult when the subject of the argument is research oriented. You also keep wondering whether this is similar to doing a critical essay.

With a good knowledge of the analytical essay format, ensure that your grades are high!

January 2nd, 2009

Who does not want to see a good grade on a score card? All of us do. If you know the right analytical essay format you are sure to make a mark. When you enrol for any kind of course in a school, college or university, the prime aim is to enable to you to produce some original work, at the end of your stay in the institution. Nobody goes in to study merely because they have nothing else to do. There is a fixed aim and there are a few main objectives that have to be achieved. Most of us who enter an institution are well aware of these aims and objectives.

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