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Defining Argumentative Essays

June 13th, 2010

Do you know what an argumentative essay is?

Even when every single essay tries to catch and maintain the reader’s attention through a series of writing techniques, this is especially true when it comes to argumentative essays. This kind of essay (also known as persuasive essay) is meant to persuade its readers to adopt the same point of view as the writer. In some cases, even to take an action based on the reading (for example, if you write an essay about climate change, you may move your readers into making significant changes in their daily lives, in order to help the planet).

What Are Argumentative Essay Papers?

April 30th, 2010

An argumentative essay paper persuades the reader of something

Not every essay can count as an argumentative essay paper, even when they all are, some way or another, trying to capture the reader’s attention. But when it comes to writing persuasive essays, the student should focus on applying a series of techniques. Argumentative essay papers (which you can also find listed under “persuasive essays” or “argument essays”) use reason and logical arguments to prove that a specific idea (the writer’s point of view on a certain topic) is more valid than another, typically opposite to the first. But you can’t only try to prove other people wrong listening to your heart and intuition. On the contrary, in order to write a good essay of this kind, you should consider supporting your argument with valid reasons, using facts, examples and experts quotation to prove you right.

What Makes a Good Persuasive Essay

April 21st, 2010

Persuasive essays apply a series of techniques

A persuasive essay (also known as the argument essay) uses logic and reason to demonstrate that one idea (the writer’s) is more valid than another. By using a series of procedures and writing techniques, when you are working on persuasive essays you try to persuade the reader to adopt the same point of view you are expressing or even taking an action based on the reading. The purpose is almost the same as advertising, even when in the last one, the action is always the same: buy.
But in order to write a good essay of this kind, you should consider supporting your argument with valid reasons, using facts, examples and experts quotation to prove you right. You need to follow a good essay sample in order to write a good essay

Put Evidences Together for Your Argument Essay

November 8th, 2009

Students should show their persuasive and analytical skills in argument essay

As the name suggests, an argument essay is to provide sufficient evidential support to the position taken by the students, while discussing any topic or issue in their presentation. Hence, students must remember that this essay can be a combination of all other types of essay, like a cause and effect essay, persuasive or analytical essays as well as a compare and contrast essay, since all of them would require presentation of a hypothesis from the students.

How To Strengthen Your Argument Essay

October 25th, 2009

Essay writing significantly needs an appropriate style in accordance with the type of the essay. One of various types of the essay is argument essay in which you have to argue and establish an argument in favor of your subject matter. When is comes to the essay writing, we consider ourselves to be a champion because nobody else can supply you the good quality that we do. Of course, the essay is our specialized product and our quality has improved along the more-than-10-year experience of

How to Ask the Five ‘W’s and One ‘H’ effectively?

February 6th, 2009

Essay questions kindle the curiosity of the reader

Very often essay questions are put forth by the writers. Have you ever wondered why questions are put forth in essays or blogs or any other articles? It is not only to kindle the curiosity of the reader but also to enlighten them over the unknown knowledge or information. The five W’s- what, when, where, why, who and the one H- how are the questions that are mostly asked by the writers. So, it is better to form an essay plan before you write your essay.

English Essay: An Importance to Written English Format

January 16th, 2009

How to write an English essay

English has become a fast growing language around the world and hence it has become mandatory for every student has to learn the language and write English essay as English is the medium in most of the schools. If there is one good thing that the British did while they were invading countries it is just the fact that they left their impressions in those countries. One of the major impressions is their language.

Essay titles- Essay Titles Decide Your Stand In the Market

October 28th, 2008

Give a Suitable Name and Get All the Available Fame!

Naming your essay is as important and wonderful as naming your baby. The essay titles give a life to your essay. The importance of a title is realized when one watches what happens in a library, for a few minutes. Nine out of every ten persons do not look at the content of a book or an article or an essay. They go in search of titles that are good enough to impress them. People choose books or essays based on the title. If your title can make people do a double take and get their attention fast, well, you are in the market!

Comparative essay-How Do You Compare Two Things?

October 14th, 2008

Impress Your Readers With Good Comparative Essay!

An essay is normally a short piece of writing that is written from the author’s own point of view. It is a literary device, which conveys almost everything about anything. There are different types of essays that follow different formats and styles. One of those is the comparative essay which, as the name implies, deals with the comparison of two elements or things. It is mostly required to be done by students. When one compares two elements, the basis of comparison should be the same for both the elements. Though there are a few guidelines, this type of essay does not have a particular set of prescribed formulae. Your leadership essay due in two days? Benefit from cooperating with our writers

How to Write an Essay Introduction

September 16th, 2008

Good Essay Introduction Translates to Real Life Skills

Watching Joe Biden, the VP hopeful in the U.S. 2008 elections, highlighted to me the importance of capturing the interest of your audience. Even if you are highly competent and you have solid experience, you still suck if you are not able to introduce your ideas well. So no matter how extensive your research is on your argument essay; or how exact and illustrative your sentences are in your descriptive essay; it will be for nothing if your essay introduction sucks!
So here are Tips on How to Write an Essay Introduction:
Be Arresting- You have to draw the reader, boost his interest and decrease his resistance to reading. How? Aside from an opening statement which leads your reader to your main point, you can also open with a provocative question. You can also begin with a narrative, then a question which introduces the reader to what the essay is about.

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