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Writing an Essay Narrative

November 29th, 2010
Develop your creativity with an essay narrative!

Essay narrative
An essay narrative is supposed to share some elements with short stories. Basically, you are going to tell your readers, from your own point of view, about a significant experienced you have been through. This experience can be totally real or partially imaginary. However, you should be able to persuade the readers that your narrative actually took place, and make them feel they are experiencing it for themselves.
Here we will tell you some tips that may help you organize and produce great essay narratives.

Mega Essays: Meaningful, Extended Papers

November 27th, 2010
Learn to write a mega essay

Mega essays
A long, extended essay can be considered a “mega essay”, and even though it may seem like a real challenge, here you will see there’s no need to panic. When it is up to essays, most of the time students don’t get to choose the extension of their works. It is up to the teacher to decide the essay word count. As you can see, essays are not always the same: while you may be requested to write a short, five paragraph essay, other courses may call for 5000 word essays, real mega essays that may take several pages. Many times, students need to deal with the challenge of writing those really long essays, which require a proper organization.
Anyway, even if at first the number of required words or pages frighten you, don’t freak out. Actually, sometimes the real challenge is writing a significant short essay. In fact, extended essays allow you more freedom.

Get an A in this essay!

November 25th, 2010
Tips for succeeding in this essay and those to come

In this essay
Let’s face it: writing is not your forté. Even so, all through your academic life you will have to deal with many, many writing tasks. In this essay, the one you are preparing today, you have a chance to change for good, and do things right!
Do you often wonder how is it that you don’t get more than C minus essay marks while other students get straight A’s? How come other students always write the best essays while others, like yourself, are always trying harder for nothing? Is there such thing as an “essay recipe” that they know of, and you don’t? While it is (sadly) true that some people are more skilled at writing tasks –and if you have read up to here, we may assume that’s not your case-, you can’t trust your writing skills only. In fact, you can always learn new things and improve your writing with practice.
So, don’t freak out. You can also write a great essay. Do not expect them to be magical, but with these tips, you may write much better and get a high mark in this essay as well as in those to come.

Essay Answers: Guiding your Writing

November 23rd, 2010
Write your paper based on essay answers

Essay answers
Sometimes, the teacher provides the question (or questions), and students are meant to produce essay answers. While for some students this is a way to guide them and help them through their assignment writing, for others, essay answers are quite a pain in the neck! However, here we will show you how to take advantage of this particular kind of essay in order to get better marks next time you are dealing with this type of paper.

Who Can Help with Your Assignment Papers?

November 21st, 2010
Why you should buy a custom assignment paper

Assignment papers
Can just anybody do your assignment papers? Or are you forced to fail the course if you are unable to reach a deadline? We know you are feeling overwhelmed if you are reading these lines. Don’t worry, here we will tell you some things that can be helpful if you are going through a rough time in your studies.
You are not the only one! Every student is requested to write assignment papers, student essays and other academic works every once in a while. And most of them could use some valuable assignment tips. Ok, so maybe you already know the basic rules, and you have managed to hand in quite successful papers in the past. However, maybe now you are running out of time and thinking “How on Earth am I supposed to do my assignment with so little time left?”.

Preparing a Good Research Dissertation

November 19th, 2010
Tips for succeeding with research dissertations

Research dissertation
If you are finishing your academic studies, it is time to think about your research dissertation. You should know by now that a dissertation (or a thesis writing) is the most important academic work you’ll ever be going to handle. And writing a dissertation is a process that sometimes feels way too long and even pointless! Nevertheless, don’t give up before you start. You will triumph if you manage to organize yourself, find an interesting dissertation topic and focus on the big picture. After all, isn’t it all about getting your degree? Besides, preparing your research dissertation is hard but also rewarding.

Common Mistakes in Higher History Essays

November 17th, 2010
Do well in your next higher history essay

Higher history essays
Writing successful higher history essays is quite a challenge. Some students can handle the essay writing techniques, but find it hard dealing with so many facts and bibliography. Others, on the contrary, can face a professional historical research, but don’t manage to put it in words, especially when they must respect a certain essay word count.
Of course, if writing is not your forté, or you don’t have time to write your essays, you can always find help in our team of professional writers, who will provide you with a custom made essay. An original paper with intrinsic academic value, written by professional academic writers. However, if you want to try and prepare your own higher history essay, we suggest you avoid these frequent mistakes.

How to Write a TOK Essay

November 15th, 2010
Learn to deal with those challenging TOK essays

TOK essay
TOK (Theory of knowledge) is a course any student must undergo if they wish to obtain a diploma in the International Baccalaureate Programme. In this course, teachers can freely approach to the theoretical foundation of essential concepts through their teaching methodology and course material of choice. The most important thing is that the given concepts can be debated and discussed properly.
In order to pass the course, you must present a TOK essay. The IB prescribes ten essay titles from which you must choose. Each possible essay topic will raise some cross-disciplinary question about knowledge, which you are expected to consider and reach a conclusion. It should be a rather personal essay, in which you demonstrate your own ideas and evolution of though after taking the course. It is not an easy task, but here we can provide you some essay tips for writing successful TOK essays.

Should I Take a Writing Course?

November 13th, 2010
Writing courses can be very helpful

Writing course
Has anyone recommended you a writing course? Are you considering whether you should invest the money in it? Here we will explain you why writing courses are worth taking. However, in order to take advantages of what you’ll learn there, you should practice on your own and spend a significant amount of time writing. If you are willing to try, there are courses available in most academic institutions. Of course, you can also take a writing course online if you can’t afford them, or you don’t have time in your busy schedule. Anyway, they have a lot to offer!

A Media Studies Essay in 5 Steps

November 11th, 2010
Keys for successful media studies essay

Media studies essay
A media studies essay shouldn’t be so difficult. In fact, it can be fun to prepare! Because the mass media are all around us, this is a quite common essay topic today. If you think for a second about how much we depend on telephones, mobile phones, the press (newspapers and magazines), the Internet, the radio, the television, the cinema…. it’s no big news that our teacher asks us to hand in not one, but several media studies essays!
An advantage of an essay on media is that each student has at least some experience on the field. So don’t freak out, because you already know a lot! Anyway, here we will provide you some instructions on how to write a great media essay. You can achieve it if you follow five simple steps.

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